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¡Inesperado! ¡Diego Topa tends to be lower than the subrogado!

The humorous application of the technology of the family la grandeur.

And it is the last time they are associated with a decision especially on the part of the gran animador. Diego Topa communicates and reads how he decides to talk and talk about positive things as it is a major decision. We are looking at some of the characters in the medium of action and now that they are more than just the chic, varying quisier than the one that comes with this decision.

“Many people are looking for a father, and they are quizzed or even seen in the past. Quiero is expanding with amor, ”declaró. For now, you are in a hurry, but Topa is trying to get it correct and pervious to the objetivo "in travels de un viente subrogado", as a result of no noble admonition for motives that are preferable guardians to their mismatch. [1

9659004] "I have a lot of time to do as much as I want to see in Esperanto, as well as with me, to accompany me to a little baby. Quiero que me legleg en un momento don estost preparado y puedo disfrutar. These are connected to the razón quiero ser papa, per confío and los tiempos de la vida. Cuido mucho los details and me gusta tener intimidad, which is fundamental to preserving a montón de cosas ”, manifesto el actor.

Hace algún tiempo, ya estaba ideando this situation and the poco el contexto lo fue ayudando. “Tengo que parar. They are ahora para sera papa, a lot of people go from a decir '¡No, Topa!' ", Expresses to entons, entre risas." Cuando sea papá, a desparecer in poquito porque, is connected to much of the moment in tambia, ya tengo ganas, los 40 me están pegando ”, contaba el conductor infantil.

For the moment, they are sure to be up to the camino and decide on a variety of artists he opted for and at the end of time. For example, Luciana Salazar with the legend of Matilda, Marley with Mirko and El Flavio Mendoza with Dionisio. For a list of celebrities, see some of the animations that poco there are details.

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