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In legal reform, Oscar Parrilli tries to condition the journalistic media

The legal reform project launched last week by Alberto Fernández He took a legislative step on Tuesday with the presentation of the Minister of Justice and Human Rights in the Senate plenary, Marcela Losardo. In this context, the legislator During his speech, Oscar Parrilli asked that a text be included in one of the articles aimed at conditioning journalistic work.

Parrilli referred to two subsections of Article 70. The former AFI chief first emphasized subsection “E”, indicating that judges in all federal jurisdictions must “immediately communicate to Council of the Magistracy of the Nation any attempt to influence their decisions by political or economic powers, members of the judiciary, the executive or the legislature; friends or pressure groups of any kind and request the necessary measures to protect it. “

“Even if he̵

7;s talking about ‘friendships or press groups’, here it is necessary to speak explicitly about the media powers “, Parrilli said during his virtual speech in the House on Constitutional Affairs and Justice and Crime Committees.

Immediately, the president’s former secretary general took over your assessment on freedom of the press and the role of the media: “We have seen the media in recent years as journalists they condemned and even encouraged them to go out to scrutinize, discredit and deny various legal officials because they did not do what that medium meant by a particular process or cause. Here we must explicitly add the term media because it has happened recently. “

Parrilli is usually more than a close collaborator of Cristina Kirchner: many times expresses what the Vice President wants to say or promote.

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In this case, her gaze is in line with her political boss, who believes that the media owes her several charges for alleged corruption and money laundering.

During his presentation, the senator also said that it made him “doubt” a term in subsection “F” of the same Article, originally developed: “Prevent the public outcry and fear of criticism influences their decisions – from the judges – and must in no case act on the basis of popularity, notoriety or other erroneous motives.

“There’s a term that leaves me in doubt: when it says ‘the public cry’, I’m afraid it’s “mass media shame” and take it as a fact in society and they are not the facts of society; There are certain economic interests that the media uses to pressure, he said.

He concluded on this point on Article 70: “These are terms that we should at least analyze and discuss.” This article refers to “Rules of Procedure” for Judges.

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In this way, Christianity tries to include an article in the legal reform to condition the work of journalism. Whether the inclusion is specified or not, it will be seen depending on the consideration of the project and the final decision of the ruling party.

On Tuesday, Senate Minister Losardo answered questions from opposition representatives, who pointed to the cost of the judicial reform project and criticized it being discussed in the center of coronavirus pandemic.

On the government side, they defended the initiative and questioned the Mauricio Macri government on issues related to guilt, the cause of alleged illegal espionage and “legal prosecution” of former Kirchner officials.

In this regard, Parrilli emphasized: “We all want justice that guarantees us all the presumption of innocence and guarantee of the right process. I can assure you that for the last four years these principles were absolutely violated. “

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The former Kirchner official questioned that the current opposition claims that it is not “in good time” does the judicial reform now: “Was the reform proposed 2017-2018 in time? when Argentina went into debt to side numbers and ruined jobs? To say that it is an excuse rather than a real reason for the state. “

He concluded: “This proposal made by the President, although it will not resolve all issues of justice without a doubt it is a way, a beginning, to begin to solve it with sincerity and reality.

Another Christian leader who recently attacked the media and journalists, whom he labeled as “animals,” was the former court minister and current member of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. Eugenio Zaffaroni.

Referring to the growing uncertainty following the pandemic, Zaffaroni confirmed that “in addition to crime, social communicators, distortions of opinion will be intensified. all these animals who seems to be seeking revenge ”.


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