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"In 2017, the murder was the lowest in the last 10 years"

The Governor Alfredo Cornejo highlighted the progress of Justice and Security during his last year of administration. In his third initial speech of ordinary assemblies in the provincial legislature, the president said that in 1945 the murder was the lowest in the last 10 years, ranging from 7.9 to 5.1 murder per 100,000 inhabitants, which means a decrease of 35 %. "

" Justice and security go hand in hand because crime is an integrated problem that occupies all parts of the state and compromises society in general, "Cornejo added in his speech. May 1st.

"We believe, and we say that in all the letters and in all areas we can, that citizens categorically demand a better justice. Because he understands, and we see it in that way, a more flexible and more committed justice in the fight against insecurity will make us better as a society "sentenced provincial leader.

In this context, Cornejo praised the "26 Reforms" that they have already produced and those who will soon be sent to the legislator: such as the Law on Crime's Criminal Responsibility; The legal system for the protection of girls, boys and adolescents. Procedural Code of Family and the new conventional code in the province of Mendoza.

"We want a justice that solves problems for society".

For this the governor asked "our expressed will to reform the supreme court of the province" . "We want a justice that solves problems for society, respected, loved and trusted in citizens, prestigious, independent of their nature and applied to work, for justice This is important for consolidating the new condition that demands demand. "

In this regard, he noted last year figures that" make them proud ": almost 90,000 people were arrested and more than 6000 detainees, including 350 patrolmen, with fixed video surveillance with 1,400 security cameras, works by Federal Prison and Almafuerte II, with an investment of 2 200 million pesos. e-security in Uco Valley and updating of the TETRA system.

"I want to say that reality gave us the reason that in 2017 there were no murders in connection with a fight within the criminal justice," summed up the governor. Alfredo Cornejo.

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