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“If you will always sacrifice yourself, it’s a problem”: excitement and controversy on Canal Trece!

Without a doubt, Cantando 2020 was one of the major investments in Channel thirteen for this 2020 cramped by coronavirus pandemic. And it is because of the impossibility of implementing the protocols in Dancing for a Dream, Ángel de Brito and Laurita Fernández before this challenge. The truth is that one of the big figures in the competition has been Esmeralda Miter.

The actress became a showman, which she wants to know, and gives reason to speak in each of her appearances on the TV bike, which happened in the last hours. And it is that the blonde together with her partner was responsible for going out on the track with a song by Shakira that was really criticized by Karina the little princess, who did not keep anything and generated a real scandal.

“Today I came kindly and said that I will give confidence to this couple, but when I heard them I could not support it. It started too early and with an Esmeralda tone I tried to force myself to like it and find the positive but I found nothing ”, began the singer and completely collapsed the expectations of Esmeralda Miter, who strongly disagreed with this return.

“Okay, okay, I do not agree but thank you. With what Karina said no, ”he fired, but the artist picked up the floor again and left everyone with their mouths open. “What I̵

7;m saying is correct and it’s a shame you do not realize it because you can not move on,” he launched. “Okay, I accept what I want to get right and what I recognize,” the actress said without wanting to admit the mistakes previously made by Poland.

“No matter what you accept, what I said is good and correct,” Karina La Princesita attacked again, generating a tense back and forth that no one expected. “Minus ten and then I go to the sentence at once”, the actress spat, “I realize that here you can not say what you think, if you answer it seems as if you lack respect and if you will always sacrifice yourself is that’s a problem, ”Esmeralda closed.

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