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“I look bad on the woman I love” Duki’s rage over criticizing Brenda Asnicar!

In the last hours Brenda Asnicar He was in the middle of the controversy after uploading a picture where many indicated that he looked very bad. Her thinness worried many and made the actress explode with rage. Thank you so much for the beautiful messages you defend against the stupid things people say about me. I can not believe that this society continues to think this way about the body, that women talk about such women. Love each other more. I love myself, “said the famous in his release.

“I feel so sad that instead of thinking about my art, they think about my body. And they do not worry if the other person suffers when he reads these comments, “he added. “I will not be embarrassed to upload a photo of my body. I love myself. I only care about what my family tells me, that they love me and take care of me “, concluded the ex-member of”

; Patito Feo “with crucial importance.

In the face of all this, her boyfriend Duki came out to defend her and leave a strong message. “What situation are we in, that I have to wake up and see the woman I love badly, because suddenly the newspaper Clarín decides to comment on her body! What the hell … happens to people?”, Shot the singer. And he continued: ” For the media, who do not have news and lift shit …, know that they are hurting a person, there are people behind what they say. “

“What the hell is wrong with people?” Started the fall singer, angry at his Instagram. “Do not care about those who speak ill of you, of your body, of your way of being, of your person. And if they will change it, do it because you want to, not because others say it, it is so simply crazy, ”he shot at those who indicated that the actress was“ skin and bones. ”But his statements did not end there.

“Let’s stop analyzing women because this is done for them, not so much for men. Let’s stop wanting to promote what the perfect image must be, what a woman must look like to be beautiful,” concluded the musician. Many of his followers came out to bankrupt him for defending the artist and showing that he is more in love than ever with his life partner.

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