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Here's how Apex Legends improves, but this is what I should get

But with the week's end, the truth is that Apex Legends has lost some of its original strength, largely from the point of view of users due to lack of news, the opposite of what happens to its competitor Epic Games that does not stop renewing. For all this, we have to add that over the last few weeks, millions of users of the explosive game have discovered some problems that have not been addressed by their developers, which perhaps should have happened, something you want to take action.

Therefore, the team of Respawn confirms that an update will reach all platforms at the beginning of next week and will focus on some important issues associated with reported noise. These have caused the sound to disappear completely or be repeated when it should not increase the volume of the footsteps of the enemies in the vicinity, which creates some confusion.

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Likewise, the company wants to solve other minor failures related to the same section, which will make the engine responsible for the sound is about 30% more efficient. But that's not all, because The Respawn developers also respond to complaints about incorrect recordings of the results, so the patch will contain better tracking of the damage logic in ] players . At the same time, they have added indicator icons for network problems to determine if connection is the cause of this failed success record.

Respawn will introduce corrections and enhancements in Apex Legends more continuously

With all this, the company wants to once again promote the use of the game as it happened during the launch, but the truth is that it will need much more, as the fans of [Videogame expects to happen with the launch of the second season that will take place in the next event of [June453] June E3 in a few days. So we could ask what is really needed the second season so that Apex Legends returns to overcome the flight and can compete face to face with the acclaimed Fortnite .

And is it the comparisons odious, as they say, but this is a title which since its first publication has been compared to the aforementioned Fortnite, and even though Apex gave some interesting developments to World Battle Royale ] the truth is that there are very important differences. Waiting for the second season to be released at E3 in June, their developers should introduce other features as new law options ] that are not limited to groups of three so that one-on-one games can be introduced, or, for example, in the duo.

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Many users also invest in the implementation of modifications, enhancements or extensions in the map of the game since these would be believed to be important nuances in the evolution of the same and thus would it is achieved that the title is not ready to boring the players, that is to do something similar to what it does Epic Games in Fortnite with its map .

On the other hand, another of who claims more in these weeks, everyone with the idea of ​​continuing to improve At individual level, it is possible to use more detailed statistics and personal data when we accumulate games, victories and achievements in game .

It is true that these are just some of the new things that the regular Apex Legends have requested from Respawn, but at least we can confirm that the company listens to them, so little afterwards we hope they will come out, more than anything for the best in the future for a game that so many followers have managed to treasure in such a short time and have contributed so much to the sector of Battle Royale .

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