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"He is crazy, he has no idea, it is disrespectful" Fede Bal and Lourdes Sánchez against Polino!

The dancers struck out against the jury in the competition.

What looked like it would be a good presentation ended with anger and the jury's struggle with the participants. This is how Fede Bal paid tribute to oblivion after his appearance was not liked by any of the jurors or by the BAR. But the worst of the disputes was between the contestant and Marcelo Polino because he decided to set zero.

Polino pointed out that they had not been able to switch dance after they knew that these types of proposals did not convince dance specialists. "It is very sad that they are appealing to the jury's evil. If you can't change a minute of choreography, do something else. Stop a little, Fede Bal, I assumed they were doing something that the jury didn't like and stopped explaining. Accept it. "

" But let me give you a refund, "the actor asked." I'm not interested in your return, "the jury rebuilt." Let's start from the beginning, do it again. This has been a disgust, let's start again, "said Polino, before qualifying the team with zero. Until that moment, the face of confusion took the stage because no one is expected to get the worst rating.

" Marcelo is crazy, it wasn't for zero. He has no idea what these people were working for. A zero is like disrespect, "Bal responded." I have four jobs, I know what it's like to work. You dance a minute and a half every 20 days and come to apologize from the big worker. Go to practice, "the journalist suggested. Lourdes Sánchez intervened and recalled Polino's performance with Luciana Salazar:" It was a failed choreography and at least you put a 3. What do you trust to set to zero? "

At least it led me to the excitement of remembering Emilio. This didn't take me anywhere. Here you come from the public, not from the jury. I discussed at home with Valentín (the son), "Marcelo said. “I defend my team. I think it's unfair, a zero is for a person who comes and does nothing, "Lourdes closed. Add the score to the jury and subtract them from the BAR, the team remained with only 9 units.

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