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"He could have died, but …" Ángel de Brito visited Lourdes Sánchez and talked about his health

The driver visited his partner.

Moments of much
Anxiety and anxiety were experienced this past Saturday when the news broke
of the emergency surgery for the dancer and conductor Lourdes Sánchez. all
It started when he returned a few weeks ago from his vacation in New York,
where he enjoyed some free days with other members of the dance
for a dream.

Loourdes felt very ill when he arrived and had to be hospitalized, although at that time he only found one cyst in one of his ovaries, which, as doctors suggested, should be reabsorbed alone. It was probably a matter of time for one of the best dancers in the competition to recognize in optimal conditions.

The wife of Chato Prada took part in the last gala in the dance, where he really was not seen in the best way, because he was very down. On Friday night, the panelist from Los Angeles in the morning attended a clinic again because of the severe pain he felt and confirmed that it was not a cyst but an infection.

Thus he had to be
acute intervention, and in an operation that lasted for more than three hours, he
They removed the fallopian tubes and the appendix. "He had a horrible operation
for three hours and living with miracles. And I really mean it by goose bumps:
his appendix was removed, he was all infected and full of puss. Had a night
huge. It gives me a lot of pain because we have been in our group since the morning
talk about this, ”said one of her best friends, Yanina Latorre.

But in the early hours of this Sunday, who spoke was the leader of the Channel Trece program, where Lourdes is very much in love with everyone. Ángel de Brito visited her and shared with all his followers what he saw. “For anyone who asks me: I saw her very well for Lourdes, she could have died, but she took it cheaply. You have a few days of hospital stay. And at least fifteen of the recovery, "the journalist said.

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