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Governor demanded a progressive reform :: El Litoral – News – Santa Fe – Argentina

Critical resources to the national government and flashes in the opposition, especially from peronism. The Gray House's efforts to call a Constituent Convention.

Possibility. If the moment is not now then. If the election years are not good and the non-election years are not good then the governor's question was addressed to the legislators. Photo: Luis Cetraro

A pulsating speech, before a cold May Day Governor demanded a progressive reform Critical to the national government and blinking against the opposition, especially the Peronist. Critical to the national government and blinking against the opposition, especially of peronism. The Gray House's efforts to call a Constituent Convention.

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With a speech specifically aimed at displaying ideas, values ​​and actions that differ from those dominating the national scenario, Governor Miguel Lifschitz addressed the deputies and senators of province.

In addition to opening the 1

36rd regular session, he gave another step to the debate that he expects this year to concretize the most transcendent pursuit of his government: the reform of the constitution in Santa Fe province

He did it before suddenly cold weather of a 1st May de Mayo that would be warmer and, above all, more colored.

Lifschitz spoke to those who also believe that democracy must be "lively" and that it can not be "boring" because "if it does not bother (…) status quo", it does not change reality.

He called the legislators when he said that the change in Argentina can not come from the backward interior of the country "or the great metropolis" which he proved to be full of privileges but from the provinces that like Santa Fe succeed in its economic development and Its role in history in favor of federalism.

They noticed the moment when the political class Santa Fe lives and says that "Santa Fe has a constitution. Santa Fe has to be part of the change in Argentina. The real change is not from the neglected interior or the Buenos Aires metropolis. Coming from Modern, Industrial, and Democratic Argentina, It Comes From Santa Fe, "he predicted.

"We live," he insured at another moment, "reform times. Being progressive, being innovative, is to be a reformer. All of us who passed through Public University are the heirs of the glorious university reform, becoming 100 in June. And we have been inspired by the vigorous power of his liminal manifest. "


Several opposition legislators searched for the act to read about what the Provincial Executive Power had said about his possible reel . There, Lifschitz moved something away from the paper to emphasize "nothing" what the text already denied: "My personal problems are not re-election at all; my problem is to achieve a constitution reform that allows us to say we could do that know that our grandchildren will have rights and guarantees that we did not have. That we can dream and imagine the holy faith of the 21st century and translate it into a constitution. "You have answered."

The governor chose to talk to the reformers' partners, perhaps those whom he predicted – and he seems unable to move them – by taking note of the values ​​proposed by the project for a new constitutional text.

He spoke to those who feel involved in the province's progressive conversions. And he also found a way to talk with those who repeat only progressive slogans, but who recently define their political actions in the heat of opportunism, according to the choices of their party or personal projects.

Form and content

The governor talked to the legislators for an hour. And during the last seven minutes he precipitated the central theme of his message, just as an intense rain fell.

On a morning that was inevitable cold, because the political climate in front of that question – besides the sky – indicates that the governor went on with his personal challenge.

The reform of the constitution is the government's goal which, according to Lifschitz, can give it a statesman's statement.

The subject seemed to have been present in only the last abundant pieces, but it actually ran throughout the discourse.

The head of the Gray House reads a text whose discursive strategy repeats a wife's formal structure. It went from general to special: in the base, the general values ​​were shared by the Santa Fe people and by political class. And at the peak, before the last applause, the governor put the reform of the constitution.

Throughout the body of the geometric figure, which summarizes what Lifschitz went to claim the legislator, explain the wording. The governor spoke to the legislators with the conviction that historical facts require, but it will be necessary to see if they have heard it.

It was a slow and reflective speech that almost did not have numbers and as soon as it was supported in a few meetings. It was aimed at those who could give it the two-thirds that it needs in each chamber to deepen the reform project. He opened the legislative year with a text whose paper could have been imaginatively folded like a wife, which would be used as a megaphone.

Words of a Key Hour

The Governor's speech Miguel Lifschitz was extended for just an hour.

Twice he used the word "vibrating". To carry the adjective to democracy, which he perceives as a system that also "would discomfort" the status quo and remember the University's 18 reform and its preliminary manifesto "as we all share."

To use the tariffs, he used the word "complex" 5 times in the fight against poverty, security, violence and drug trafficking. He asked not to simplify the answers that the state can give in all these questions and assured Santa Fe because the Frontal Control has different answers to those tested at national level both the former and the current government.

Eleven times there were terms bearing the root narco, talking about the problem of drug trafficking, drug trafficking and narcomenudeo, as Lifschitz now intends to transfer to the jurisdiction of judges and prosecutors. [19659007]

He cited only two authors. To the Nobel Prize in Economy 2014 and to a philosopher, predecessor of German idealism. "I think, as the Nobel Prize in Economics, Jean Tirole, says in an economy of common good, an economy that seeks welfare for society, and it encompasses the individual dimension and collective dimension of the subjects," said the governor. . He said that "there are moral limits for the market" and that "the state and politics are responsible for setting these limits".

"Not everything has a price. What's a price can be replaced by something that corresponds to (Immanuel) Kant, but it is above all price and therefore has no equivalent, it has dignity: life, people, society, home country, the planet ", he said.

"I believe in a market economy that is not only a space for competition but also for cooperation. And in a redistributive taxation, because if there is something that the market does not guarantee, it's just the redistribution of wealth."

Lifschitz be tough with "neoliberalism" The world that comes before challenges us to abandon the manual of neoliberalism, not just the manual for economic recipe, but above all the manual of values, which is the failure manual. The permanent increase in consumption and economic concentration is not opposed to the planet and inevitably leads to an environmental and social disaster. "

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