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Google Chrome 74 comes today and provides many new features, including automatic dark theme in Windows 10

Google Chrome 74 is scheduled to arrive on April 23 to all users in its stable version, and as version 73, the Google browser will load with several interesting developments, including the much-anticipated mode dark of Chrome in Windows 10 .

In the latest update, the dark theme landed in macOS and now it is finally the turn of Windows. But, not only does the man live, Chrome 74 also adds new privacy features, reduced movement for those who are happy with some web and support for multimedia keys in the mini-video maker.

Dark dark mode in Windows 10

This respects the system settings ie if you have the dark mode for Windows 10 active, Chrome automatically detects the settings and sets its own dark mode.

The same thing happens if you have a clear mode, but it is possible to activate the dark mode independently, or for example you can install any of the new official themes. You need to make sure you have no other active theme so Chrome can automatically switch between dark and clear mode with Windows 10.

Incognition Mode Detection Lock

  Chrome Incongnito

From this we had talked a lot at the beginning of the year, Chrome was working on an update to avoid the web you visit knew you were using the incognito mode, curiously, the function worked as another indicator that we could track and identify on the web by fingerprint .

Chrome 74 eliminates the integrity risk this entails, but it's worth remembering that the incognito mode has no incognito or private and is not a privacy option when browsing.

Reduction of motion

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This may be the case strange, but for those suffering from a vestibular problem, it is really annoying when the animations on one side cause dizziness .

With Chrome 74, you have added a preference to CSS, when enabled by the user from the accessibility options, minimizing the number of movements in popular effects such as parallax when zooming or scrolling.

The update is scheduled for today and should appear from the Google Chrome information menu in the browser during the day, or you can download Chrome from the web if you are looking for the latest stable version.

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