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Full load: the market assigns Argentina 100% standard risk

The default risk that investors assign to Argentina jumped to 100% today, while insurance to cover any sovereign crime escalated to more than 6,000 basis points.

" debt restructuring is at the center of attention as investors recognize that bond negotiations must be started as soon as the country faces significant maturities and as long as it remains without access to voluntary credit, it must continue to go to the stopped the reservations to avoid a case, "said analyst Gustavo Ber .

The market today responded to statements by the elected president, Alberto Fernández about the difficulties that will meet his mandate to pay the debt.

"The world must understand that we cannot pay under the conditions that the economy is . Argentina must vo See how to produce and export to fulfill its obligations," the elected president said in an interview in the evening.

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The market returned to liquidation today positions in Argentine assets, among these sovereign bonds in dollars: Bonds 2024 fell 2.9%, Discount under Argentine law collapsed 3.7% and AC1

7 decreased by 2.3%. The decline in public securities was reflected in the hope of Country risk which today rose 4.1 % to 2,437 basis points.

market uncertainty was also transferred at cost to cover any sovereign default ( CDS, Credit Default Swap which flew 7.3)% to 6.045 basis points. ] CD S is a financial derivative that protects an investor from a fall in the payment of a financial asset, in this case Argentine government bonds. The cost of covering against a possible Argentine standard increased by 28% so far this month and 1,038% in the annual accumulated.

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