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Four arrested for homeland games in Jesus María

Four people, three elderly and one minor, were detained last night after a trial by the provincial police in the city of Jesus Maria after a complaint from Lotería de Córdoba in connection with the fight against the game clandestino. One place was 75 people and managed to hijack 10 poker tables , 81 chairs, 30 small tables, a computer, chips, a TV, poker card, enrolled note, a machine for counting bills, two vehicles and cash in cash (totaling 90 thousand crowns, between pesos and dollars).

The search, conducted by the Public Prosecutor's Office under Dr. Martín Berger, took place in the city club's social club column.

With this procedure conducted at the request of Lotería de Córdoba, there are 60 operations that the police execute in the province to combat the homeless game.

It should be remembered that the Penal Code in Article 301a punishes with imprisonment in 3 to 6 years of exploitation and the organization of unauthorized gambling.

The prisoners and the material being sequestrated were brought to justice.

Lotería de Córdoba reported that for the purpose of alleviating the sword of illegal actors play an intense campaign against the secret game hierarchizing their control areas, spreading its 0 800 555 0606 for anonymous complaints and strengthening ties with municipalities, police forces and provincial courts in a joint work, "without which it can not be continued"



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