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Fortnite per bit with Bitcoins and Lightning Network

Aprovechando de celebracion de la primera gran conferencia sobre Lightning Network, la Lightning Network Conference (LNConf), celebrada and Berlin durante este 19 and 20 de octubre, the equipo de Satoshi Games presented Lightnite, or primer juego estilo battle royale que integra micropagos with bitcoin (BTC) and travels of the red canals and nodes of the segment to the monetary camp of the aquallos youths as well as this one.

Just before presenting Carlos Roldán, who is the cook of Satoshi's Games, durante su participación en la LNConf. Además, present a new platform format for the distribution of Juegos llamada Elixir. No obstacle, however, is that they focus on the foci and the loses of the assistants of event Lightnite.

“Lightnite is a real multiplayer and a small donation interaction digital especifica entre jugadores desencadena una recompensa o penalización monetaria. And palabras simples, los jugadores ganan bitcoin disparando and otros jugadores y pierden bitcoin cuando reciben un disparo ”, they read and note the prensa sobre el juego, published by Satoshi Games este 19 de octubre.

June 2019 y espera que sea lanzado al public a part of february 2021. Además, acuerdo con la ruta de mapa, acceso temprano a juego se activará en noviembre de 2020.


Para hacer más atractivo Lightnite, los desarrolladores añadieron otros incentivos monetarios. Así, all of the elements of Juego contain bitcoin reals and paths of Tomados, tales and comos and otros juegos of Battle Royale.

Los jugadores también podrán personalizar sis avatares, comprar articulos de juego pagando con satoshis, et través de micro transacciones de la ticketa del jugador. By the end of the day, the bitcoin accumulation was actual and real. They either disperse or recieve disparity, or recite objects, to actualize the intermediate.

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"El jugador is selling money now and retrieving instant balances with balances and proprietary tickets", reiteran en el comunicado

Pero se trata de un juego para cualquier tipo de usuario. If you don't use bitcoin, you can use Lightnite to maneuver no-bitcoin. “For us, we do not use the Bitcoin path in years and in terms of the functions of Bitcoin and events, as they are sent by interacting with the majority of permissions to integrate Bitcoin with others and to experiment with innovative technologies. It is a form of a traverse of the cual queries that contribute to the adoption of the Bitcoin ”, according to Federico Spitaleri, author of the text of the presentation.

Per para powder accelerates the process , the equipment of Satoshi's Game has launched a crowdfunding campaign that includes a variety of contribution packages. Use our pad for access to Tempano and Lightnite, as well as other items including stickers, posters, franelas, and a special gift, especially including merchandising and access to all items, as well as the decision to make all of these items. Quien this participant is esta manera, deberá donar 1,000 o más dollars.

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