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Following the announcement of Cristina Kirchner, the government redefines the election strategy with the goal of opening

The announcement of Cristina Kirchner to compete for the Vice Presidency accompanying Alberto Fernández gave rise to a cimbronazo on the election committee and surprised himself and others. The news generated a strong impact on the main political parties, which must redefine their strategies before the presidential election in October.

"Returning to the past would be self-destructive," were the first statements he made to respect the president Mauricio Macri, when speaking at an event in the city. So the head of state made it clear that continues to invest in the polarization strategy with Kirchnerism. While the head of staff Marcos Peña sent a WhatsApp message in the official troops, he said: "We do not change how the opposition is organized."

Before the decision of the former president to compete as vice president, the UCR had already called for a "reformulation" in Cambiemos, especially with the nomination of the governor of Buenos Aires María Eugenia Vidal for the Presidency. In principle, the Convention of the Hundred Years Party in the province unanimously confirmed its attachment to Cambiemos.

Among the possibilities, the negotiations with federal option leaders, the non-K-peronist space where governors gather as Juan Schiaretti (Córdoba, recently re-elected a large margin) and Juan Manuel Urtubey [excluded] are excluded. (Salta).

As Marcelo Bonelli predicted in Today's data on Friday, Vidal would see good eyes the so-called "Plan P", a non-K Peronist as a running friend by Macri. In this case, Urtubey, one of the references of Peronism "dialoguista". In any case, both the Governor of Salta and the leader of the Renovation Front ratified Sergio Massa his membership of the Federal Alternative.

On the other hand, the possibility of changing Cambodia with increasing intensity continues. vice-chairman of a referendum for UCR. It is a gesture of détente for governmental partners that when they can argue predominantly places and greater influence in decision making. While in the government there are two names that raise sympathies: Martín Lousteau and Ernesto Sanz.

The scenario that Macri competes in a STEP is still in full study and is an idea that must mature in Casa Rosada's office. "It is not common for them to make an interior decoration for the president, but what we propose is that all opportunities are open, especially the expansion of our space," said Interior Minister Rogelio Frigerio during the week. .

Following the announcement of exmandataria, the governor of Mendoza and the holder of the UCR Alfredo Cornejo considered the decision "a new trap of Cristina". "It's Cámpora to the government, Perón to power, for the youngest, it's putting someone who later handles it from behind," was criticized.

Cornejo confirmed that he is continuing with his proposal for to expand the official front Let us change, when confirming that this strategy is "more valid than ever" and that it will be one of the shoulders in the debate on the UCR's national convention, next May 27 in Parque Norte.

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