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Fabián Gutierrez’s crime: Alberto Fernández was silent and in the government they say it is “a police case”

So far the President Alberto Fernandez chose silence. He chose not to disclose the murder of the former private secretary of Néstor and Cristina Kirchner, Fabián Gutiérrez. In the government, they are convinced that the act of death of the former co-president of the vice president, who was a co-defendant in the case of Cuadernos, has nothing to do with that act or with politics. “It’s a police case“, They confirm.

Shortly after 18, the head of state retweeted the only institutional statement from the CEO about Gutiérrez’s violent death. “Given the unfortunate fact of public knowledge, the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights states that Fabián Gutiérrez It was never included in the National Witness Protection and Defenders̵

7; Program in the portfolio. Neither he nor any judicial authority demanded his protection, “stated the original publication of the portfolio that led Marcela Losardo. Near the president, they denied it is an official position. “That’s what it has to be, that it investigates justice and reports,” they said.

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However, among those close to Fernández are anger and outrage against opposition representatives who described Gutiérrez’s death as a case of “institutional seriousness”. The discomfort is stymied by distrust and relative relief from the speed of the judicial investigation, which they trust. The opposition, for its part, demands that federal justice take action on the case, and distrust Santa Cruz’s judicial power and the prosecutor on the case, Romina Mercado, daughter of Governor Alicia Kirchner and vice president.

Most of the government’s front page learned about the news through the media. Some of the chief executive officers were on the night in Olivos, when rumors had already been confirmed. During that meeting, he discussed with Finance Minister Martín Guzmán the offer to creditors, which the government would publish this Sunday in the official newspaper.

One of few leaders who share closeness with the President and Cristina Kirchner – and who also met Gutiérrez – emphatically denies that the issue can be put on the agenda. “We have more important issues, such as the pandemic and debt negotiations,” he said. On the terms of the accused Gutiérrez employee, he is also not in doubt. “They broke it as (in former Kirchner accountant, Victor) Manzanares“, Highlights.

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The discomfort with the opponents does not reach everyone. It is focused on what some members of Fernández’s circle define as “the prophets of hatred.” “First, they wanted to install that there were massive releases of rapists; after we expropriated all of Argentina. Now they want to be replicated a new case (Alberto) Nisman and that Cristina is a serial killer ” , points out a habit from Olivos.

One of the officials who followed in the footsteps of the head of state criticized the judges Juntos por el Cambio for his tenor for his charges. “The opposition is trying to mount a tap show with a painful event like a person’s death,” he claimed. The head of government is again excluded Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, to vice Diego Santilli; and to radical governors Gerardo Morales, Rodolfo Suarez and Gustavo Valdés.

Near the former president, who also discovered through the media, they did not leave their surprise either. “Let’s change tried to fill the subject with crap, but they couldn’t: they lied and speculated: total madness,” they argued before consulting Clarion.

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right Secretary Juan Martín Mena, who is responding to the Vice President, accused against the opposition. “The responsibility of officials of the former government does not recognize boundaries. Making assumptions and making immediate political connection speak of personal baseness, ”judged in statements to AM 750.

Mena – who once again gained notoriety in recent months for tip negotiations with the Devoto uprising – administers the witness protection program that Gutiérrez never asked to enter, according to the government’s reminder of opposition legislators’ complaints. The President rescinded DNU in February, which he signed Mauricio Macri in late November to transfer control of the program to a mixed agency that was dependent on the executive and the cassation chamber.

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