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Etchevehere will not be able to act in case of companies that it was a part of

  The government issued a decree, which excuses the Minister of Agriculture to make decisions in connection with these companies, following a request from Etchevehere himself.

The government issued a decree in which the Excuse Minister of Agriculture Minister

CEO Maurice Macri issued a decree, apologizing to Minister of Agriculture, Luis Etchevehere, to make decisions about companies formed in the last three years except to intervene in situations referring to Sociedad Rural Argentina (SRA), whose unit he was president until October 2017.

Decree 303/18, published in the Bulletin Official, originated by an order from Etchevehere itself which was involved in a controversy when in December of December it was learned that days before he entered the cabinet. The NRA had granted him a $ 500,000 bonus for his work as the company's owner for five years.

Although the Agroindustria proprietor made a series of clarifications to the Anti-Corruption Office and even decided to return the money, offering greater guarantees of transparency in his leadership, President Macri asked him to act on public issues related to both SRA and a group of companies in his family group.

Thus the "accept apology" decree submitted by Etchevehere "to intervene during his term of office, in matters relating specifically to the human or legal persons to which he has been linked in the last three years, especially if he had performed services for them during the period ".

The standard signed by Macri and the head of the cabinet, Marcos Peña explicitly mentions the companies Etchevehere Rural SRL Construcciones del Paraná SA, Los Vascos Propiedades SA Estabimietno Rural La Margarita SA and Sociedad Anónima Entre Ríos in addition to the company Rural Argentina, as former minister of the minister.

Most of the mentioned companies, where Etchevehere appears as a partner to his mother and his brothers, is being investigated in the context of a case filed in the Federal Court of Paraná Criminal and Correctional Secretariat 1, initiated in 2015 due to complaints from Dolores Etchevehere Minister's Embassy, ​​faced with an alleged "fraud" that harms his interests.

Decree Etchevehere will no longer have to intervene in all public affairs relating to his family group's signatures, as well as to SRA .

If it is necessary to take any definition of that kind, the president e He recommended these measures to the head of the tourist ministry, Gustavo Santos who also signed the decree.

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