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Esteban Castro: The workers are in poorer conditions

The Secretary General of the CTEP analyzed the current situation in the popular economic sector and assured that the government was "weak".

May 1, 2018

After a massive march of social organizations, the Secretary General of the Employers Association of the Popular Economy, Esteban "Gringo" Castro assured that the workers are "in worse conditions" after two years of adaptation policy run by Cambiemos. about the government, said: "I see it increasingly weak."

In an action that took place in the monument "Canto al Trabajo", in Buenos Aires, CTEP, Clasista and Combativa Current CCC) and Barrios de Pie. These social organizations work to form a single industry organization for workers in the popular economy and to join the CGT.

In dialogue with El Destape, Castro stated: "When Macri wins, we suggest that we must build the highest level of possible device for the popular movements, as there was a period of adaptation and transfer of resources from the popular sectors to the concentrated sectors of the economy, now after the election last year, the government has a significant decision to deepen adjustment and last year was clear about the pension reform and tax and now with the insistence of the labor reform. "

In this context, Castro estimated that" the workers in the popular economy are becoming increasingly in worse conditions "and stressed that they did not provide enough of the over 1

000 snacks distributed throughout the country's organizations. "More and more people are coming and there are more difficulties, there is a growing degree of inequality that generates a greater degree of social fragmentation," he said.

A worker in the national economy receives a social wage of 4 750 pesos as in June It will reach 5000. Months ago, Castro stresses, the situation was different because changas still existed. "Today, SMEs are bad, regional economies and industry collapse, we can not get better given that many of our colleagues live on the person who goes to work and spend a mango on the road," analyzed the leader.

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