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El Vaticano usó US $ 726 million donations to our customers for multiple nego opacos – 19/10/2019

There is an escalation of "ten pocos precedents and a recent review" as well as the date and time of the investigation of the "Espresso" Emiliano Fittipaldi. The revelations and the part of the Allanientes to the Secretariat of the Estado el Miércoles 2 the este mes, he ido escalando y lanzando explosivas revelaciones.

Al Papa the Seguridad del Papa, General Domenico Gini, with the act of costing the cabeza, que le by Jorge Bergoglio for all kinds of investigations and investigations. In the case of general tax investigators and a foundation and high court "L'Espresso" is published on 16 pages of the secretariat of the pesquisa of the promoters of Justicia, Gian Piero Milano and Alessandro Diddi with the revelations of humiliation of Santa Sede: the Secretariat the Estado, the organ of the gobierno central of Iglesia, cuyo “primer ministry” of Cardinal Pietro Parolin, management and an additional balance of menus of 650 million euros (725 million dollars) of Obolo de San Pedro, con donaciones de feeles de todo el mundo destinados a los pobres. Y el dinero, and airing a lot of popular bolsillos populares, are looking for real estate “opacos”.

También el prestigioso dilés inglés “Financial Times” have publications in the past and proprietary investigations sobre manejos "non sanctos" the functions and mediators of the Vaticanos and the management of the millones invertidos and proyectos of the apartamentos de lujo and Londres which is part of the finance side of the obolo de San Pedro.

Los promoters of justice (tax general) of Vaticano, trustee and contact with El Papa Francisco, arriban a la conclusion and investigations of 1

6 pages of secretarial office of public domain L'Espresso which he detects " graves indicio de peculado, estafas, abusos de oficio, reciclaje y autoreciclaje ”. El Accountant Alessandro Cassinis, in the order of the Court, seeks “gravitational delinquency, comradeship, corporation and elimination”.

Fittipaldi and El “Financial Times” investigating the era 2011—2018 And with Cardinal Angelo Becciu, the Minister of the Interior of the Vatican of the Sustainable House of the Secretariat of Estado and Tuvieron, there is a variety of real estate agents in London and other negociations, and in 1969, in the midst of the 600 seats. también

Per period of the L'Eseresso agrega and the pesquisas of the archbishop of Venezuela Edgar Peña Barra, muy , after a break with Becciiu's successor, promotion and "ministry" of Papa Argentino's prefecture of Causas de los Santos.

Los 650 million euros of Obolo de San Pe there, as L'Espresso " is considered a 77% subsidiary of Credit Suisse and management and operations financed by the magistrate's auditor" vistosas irregularidades ", as well as other" inquires ".

The investigation of L'Espresso cuenta también in the operation of Falcon Oil, with the intention of inversion of 250 million euros of the Vaticano and a platform of petrol front in the cost of Angola. Segun Fittipaldi's documentary reveals "the complex system of societies and offshore parcels" us by the Vatican to the pontoon of Los Millos and the Negroes "

El " Financial Times " invested in irregularidades and inversion of 200 million dollars in real estate in 2014 and travels of Athena Capital, a foundation of inversion of Luxembourgo, and the finance of the project of the United States and the Metropolitan British Federation.

 Francisco cuando inauguró el sínodo del Amazonas. EFE

Francisco cuando inauguró el sinodo del Amazonas. EFE

El matutino inglés señala and a 2016 youth papal fundamental of enterprises because of its reformers financed and Vaticano proyectaba el cardenal George Pell, who is the "zar" of the economy nom de Papa. Pell, which is the secretariat of the Economy Secretariat, is conducive to abusive sexualities and men and women, Australia, not the same as a condominium, or an auditorium that monconsidered and canceled by Papa and Apoyarlo. And in 2017, Cardinal Beccu became tambian and responsible for the role of Deputy Auditor General of the Vatican, Libero Milone and the middle of escalado.

El papel de "brokers" and agents of the cardinal and también and the investigator the L'Espresso and the descubrimientos of the Financial Times. The agent Raffaele Mincione habría side of the Acon Sea, which is based on the inversion of 250 millones and the petroleum platform in Angola, the Vatican invertiera dinero and the edification of the Sloane Avenue of London, which is an era of the Harrods depot 17 miles metro cuadrados, a transformer and a residential residence of the cincuenta apartamentos de lujo . The inversion of this is in the travels of the luxuries, per cent of the fall of the precinct and the precursor of the economy and the real estate market of the capital of Britain.

The Parra is linked to the bus charger for the inverse conversion 150 million euros to the Papa, the Institute of Religious Studies (IOR). The director Gianfranco Mommy olfateó el riesgo and nego el presto "a menus of the order of Santo Padre".

A continuation of the director of the IOR denunciations of the Papa which is due to an irregularidad and as a result of investigations into the 2 octobre and allanar primera vez oficinas de la Secretariat de Estado, haciendo estallar un escándalo cada vez peor.

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A su investigación, Emiliano Fittipaldi menciona and otro agents financiero, el broker Gianluigi Torzi, quién habria recibido una comisión millonaria. The document's secretary conseguidos for the "Espresso" program serve for just the interns. El Vaticano parakeets have entered the phase of our Vatileaks ("leaks" queer decir infiltrations), as well as the primaries of the Benedict XVI's papacy, which terminates the renunciar. Fittipaldi concludes that "for Fransisco no sera, ante el nuevo escándalo, orienteers en enemigos verdaderos, falsos amigos, buenos y malos consejeros".

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