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Dollars high: a cantone cerraron or CCL, el MEP and el blue (brechas rozaron or 30%)

Per the cambio of tendency to reach the final of the Rueda, the brecha to the Mayorista quedo and 26.5%, to represent, the igual manera, 10 points per cent, may be higher in a semana (17.9% ).

The evolution of the liquidity of the transformed and the variable clave of the reinstatement of the cambio and the principles of September. "Hemos tenido varies vivivenes he provocado to disorientation and recourse to the tip of implication. And the vision aesthetics, under the CCL of $ 75 can be offered a car or a barato. Per debido al riesgo inflation, or view "But, according to Delphos Investment.

As the conclusion of Delphos's analysts is" Inertia inflationary imprimary of CCL is a dynamic notion of a cotización estimation with a $ 76 base case. November 1

0, $ 81.40, and $ 86.30 and below. "

Partially, MEP o Bolsa borro la suba inicial and provide 61 cents ( -0.9%) to $ 70.26, is implicit in the spread of 20.4% front to cotización del MULC.

Plaza paralela, or dollars blue cayó $ 2.25 a $ 65.25 by a different number of dollars by par for the queens bus car aprovechar la brecha with el official, de acuerdo and irrelevant efectuado por Ámbito and cuevas of the city porta.

And consecuencia, the spread of the cambio minorista's reduction already 7.4%, the same 11.4% of juveniles.

Oficial, Conglado

Mentors, or anesthesiologist, minority sub 14 centavos and $ 60.73 promoted to principals financed, que releva el Banco Central (BCRA).

En el Banco Nación, la divisa aumentó 50 centavos a $ 60 mentees que en el canal electrónico se consigue a $ 59.95.

The Mercado Único and Libre de Cambios (MULC), and a rebate on the basis of rebates against $ 58.35 for the intervention of Banco Central.

the ticketed minority operative of the giants and their distant bancos and agents of the city porta: [19659013]
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