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Disposable diapers made in Cuba are marketed in Havana ›Cuba› Granma

Manufactured by Vietnamese company Thai Binh Global Investment, whose factory started in the Mariel Development Zone in October, began the introduction of the first disposable diapers made in Cuba in the network of stores from Havana

According to the Cubadebate website this children's product, which is in high demand in the country, is available in some stores in the CIMEX and TRD chains, along with a proposal for daily protection of women, also from Thai Binh.

Vi Nguyen Phuong, director general of the consortium, said that the investment process did not start in 201

6 without planning and planned to be completed, for the first time in the first quarter of 2019. The plant has an annual production capacity of 120 million Culero disposable and approximately 240 million intimate daily protectors. "To ensure that the factory operates every day of the week, in two 12-hour shifts," he told CD Phuong.

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He also announced that they plan to subsequently market their products in the network of Caracol and Palco stores, as well as in international pharmacies. They are also analyzing a possible "special" offer for sale in the Cuban pesos retail markets, as well as diversifying their proposals for next year with adult killer pink, wet towels or more diapers.

The Vietnamese company Thai Binh has been in Cuba for almost 20 years. Thai Binh's commitment to the Cuban nation shows confidence in the Cuban market, for its benefits and security. Hanoi and Havana have a historic friendship of more than half a century, while Vietnam is currently Cuba's second largest trading partner in Asia and Oceania and its main supplier of rice.

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