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Details of the controversy between Alejandro Nadur and Judge Fernando Espinoza in Huracán-San Lorenzo – 20/10/2019

-What happened at halftime?

-No, things will remain in the report.

-Can you submit something?

-People went into the dressing room. We had more than 20 people.


Judge and President.

-The president of the hurricane?


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The brief dialogue between the judge Fernando Espinoza and the journalist from TNT Sports took place at Tomás He finished just 2 to 0 of the Hurricane over San Lorenzo . The classical judge reported that Alejandro Nadur entered his dressing room posted by about twenty people at the end of the first half. And the scandal began to grow.

It's a lie. I never entered the judge's dressing room. I never enter the judge's dressing room. No way. If he said that, it's not the truth. Alejandro Nadur and no one else from the hurricane came in, "the president defended himself a few minutes later.

What happened? It was very strange that both Espinoza and his staff took longer than the account to go out for the second stage inflatable sleeve.

The 22 players were already ready to play again. And until Oscar Romero turned to the edge of the field to enter Fernando Belluschi . But the judges did not show up. Until they finally left. Espinoza crossed a few words with Lucas Barrios approved the change and called the start of the complement as if nothing.

Before all, he had had a strong verbal crossing with Nadur. But when he was able to rebuild Clarín did not occur inside the dressing room but outside the door .

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Local dressing rooms and the judges are next to each other in Ducó. And on the way out, Nadur did not catch him in a good way. "Espinoza told me: " Don't hit me, don't hit me " and I had my hands behind. I calmed down the players. There are witnesses who saw that I never went into the dressing room. And the contradictory act that made me say I didn't go in, Nadur continued with his testimony.

  Alejandro Nadur, President of the Hurricane.
Photo: DYN

Alejandro Nadur, chairman of the hurricane.
Photo: DYN

Inside or outside the dressing room was the most serious intersection, with insults including as the judge noted in his report. The same must be handed over to the Disciplinary Court, which must be resolved.

The document issued to Nadur was based on Article 52 of the City of Buenos Aires Contravention Code, which states: “Who scares or harasses threatening or physically abuses another, provided that the act does not constitute a crime, is sanctioned by one (1) to five (5) days of public service work, a fine of two hundred ($ 200) to one thousand ($ 1,000) pesos, or one (1) to five (5) days of the arrest. ”