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Coronavirus | Luis Lacalle Pou defended the flexible quarantine: “I was not willing to go against a police state”

For the first time since he became president of uruguayLuis Lacalle Pou gave an interview to an Argentine media. It was in Leuko’s words, where he talked about the strategy he adopted to meet the pandemic coronavirus. “He was not willing to go to a police state,” he said of his decision not to impose strict quarantine.

He also stressed the importance of putting ideologies aside when building diplomatic relations between countries and He called the Venezuelan Nicolás Maduro a “dictator”.

Regarding the method that Uruguay has chosen to deal with COVID-19, the head of state stated: “Uruguay has a genetic calling in freedom. It is a very valuable asset, which we sometimes forget in our daily logic. But in the difficult ones, Uruguay comes forward with that value and defend it. I was not willing to force Uruguayans to limit themselves, to go to a police state “.

In this way, it attributed the success of flexible quarantine to the responsibility of citizens. I asked: is anyone willing to go with me to stop the person who bought him firewood because he is trying to gain weight? Can we in Uruguay not appeal to personal and collective care? And the Uruguayans gave a fantastic demonstration “he counted.

In this regard, he highlighted the general cessation of activities from the population between March and April and pointed to the tour operators̵

7; attitude: “It is to take off your hat. They themselves made a message on TV and asked that people do not go tourism. They cared about a higher value. That’s what Uruguay did that month to avoid massive contagion. “. With these basic conditions, he explained that the state could quickly contain the emergence of isolated outbreaks in specific places and gradually reactivate the economy.

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In another episode of the interview, Lacalle Pou also talked about her the government’s visionand defended the need to “look for coincidences” both at the national level and among the regions of the region.

“I think if we base our relations on the ideologies that everyone can have, we will surely have conflicts and we will not represent the whole country “He went on to add: “We are talking about bilateral relations with Argentina, Mercosur and its relationship with the world. It is this lighthouse that will lead the diplomatic relations with President Fernández.”

At the time, journalist Alfredo Leuco asked him if he had not shown “ideological bias” on the day of the inauguration, by not inviting Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro and the Cuban and Nicaraguan authorities, to which the president replied: “It actually had a democratic Diplomatic relations between the states and the adoption of the President of the Republic should not be confused. It was very difficult for me to talk about democracy and human rights when I meet the dictator Maduro. It was an option for which I am personally responsible. “

Finally, he clarified: “What I was talking about Argentina and other countries is that, if every time there is a change of government that means a different ideological sign, the relations have some kind of distortion, we complicate our people “.

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