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Como quadruple de desdempeño de los candidatos los invitados de cada fuerza politica en la Facultad de Derecho

An segundo debate presidential battle with Mauricio Macri and Alberto Fernández, Los equipos de campaña and conductors of respective political parties considering his ambiguity "un muy buen desempeño" as a critic .

Per cent of invitations to candidacy of Frente de Todos for the present and a solemn saloon of the Faculty of Derecho de la UBA consideraron que "The eleccion is a definite and a debate not a cambiar la intención de voto ”and the Juntos fils of the Cambio established eufóricos for the creation of a much greater act of postulant respect for the primer encuentro and Sante Fe and are most optimistic for the position of the president of the Balotaje. [1

9659002] “Al Presidency We Have a Solo and Alberto Fernandez Can Contact with Segundos for the Term El Partido . It is possible that I will be a pediatrician for term anticipation. Variables are not respected and recurring including all the habits of the habour in Puerto Rico, "by Mario Negri and his inventor Infobae al terminar el encuentro.

" Fernandez sacó themes que lo golpean en su propia historia. It deserves to be the first trial of the public (by Angelo Calcaterra), as per the previous two functions of the Cristina with multiples causal judicial, "because of all the intermedia of the Cambiemos and La Cámara baja."

" Ellos hablan como si la película hubiera comensado tres años y medio y nadie tuvo nada which is far from our passport antes, neither with the cause of corruption, nor with the Conadep del periodismo, and as a result of Fernandez's una photo con quien la pidió. See olvidaron and the pelicola of los 12 años gobernó el kirchnerismo ", agregó.

The Comparator of the Formula of Macri, Miguel Ángel Pichetto, consider que Macri" puso algunos own claves, for example and for a theme of seguridad , which is a Fernandez lo with its guarantee, también and el obra publica la corrupción. It is a candidacy but not a complication or an entourage for it. "

Asimismo, but the Frente de Todos candidacy" high estuary muy a la defensiva "as well as an act and debate by the President "Important import" "The energy that is recogiendo and lasts three semesters and is the recipient of a friend and act and contact with the gentleman". One sentiment declares respect for the action on the 9th of July: “¿Sabés is now an estimated 700,000 people? It also happens to be the (Raúl) Alfonsín act and the return of democracy ”, as well as his and her confession and allegiance to the bellwether.

Diameter grants to the term of the Mirror of Felipe Solá, even to the hombres the mayor confianza of Alberto Fernandez and su campaña. "Yo have lost the debate or debate. They went to Alberto on October 27, of a Argentine", afirmó. "We are a president with no explicit explanation of what is happening. Macri recurs a hablar del INDEC cuando no puede explicit la pobreza. Now, the theme of Alberto's corporate body is not ten ninguna causa. Trató varias veces de sacarlo de sus casillas, pero no pudo ”, analizó ante Infobae so far as the tone and discourse of the President.

“ Su forma hablar profundiza la grieta. Cuando Macri is “ellos”, he is referring to millions of Argentinians who are voting for Frente de Todos ”, as well as to the national enrollment and to Frédéric de Todos as to the strategy of Macri of the much-needed strategy with Fernandez and associates of politics del kirchnerismo.

Por su parte, Fernando "El Chino" Navarro consider "Alberto volvo and exponent of the mentors of Macri, who are still living in Paris, no more to do, to los". Though open to "muy bien" as a candidate for the Frente de Todos, rather than Macri, "it is a must for those who are obliged to do so without a license to do so in Argentina."

And by Roberto Lavagna, by party, party year of the Consenso Federal candidacy "is much more than a domingo pasado". But all the inexplicable pause and exposure and primer block, "Logro instalar themes, but possible and impeccable", analizaron. varias momentos destacados en la noche. "The market in Macri is about the management and exposition of Alberto Fernández and his contradictions, as a result of the integration of the Todos to the gobernabilidad or the central government of the gobierno politics," advirtieron.

La gente de José Luis Espert has an evaluation of his evaluation of the economist's performance. “Los vimos muy consolidado. Cumplimos con todos los objetivos que nos propusimos. Dejamos en claro are somas una opcion diferentes, no ocultamos nuestra ideología liberal y que José Luis está and condições de hacerse cargo de la economía argentina ”, evaluation by Luis Rosales, with the form of formula.

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