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Cinthia Fernández was told that Luciana Salazar will do her trial and shot: "I do not have a dummy, a man or a previous quota."

For once, Martín Baclini is not in the midst of one of the battles between Cinthia Fernández and Luciana Salazar . This time, the discussion sprang to the political comments that the media has published on the network and that for the dancer are tweets that she takes out to have published from her personal account. Therefore, in Los Angeles in the morning, they spoke about the trial that Luli warned that he planned to launch against the partner of Martín Baclini .

" I wanted to talk to Cinthia for a minute because I have bad news for you: Mrs. Luciana Salazar condemns you for what you said yesterday that she copied, pasted and charged for tweets ", he warned Ángel De Brito .

Sabés that I take the routine today and Lulipop was in the routine. Then I had many doubts because I started to see the headlines and say “How strange! Since the whole country said it, many colleagues said it. And also social networks. Then the trial will be quite expensive, because if he does it to me, he must do it for everyone. "1

9693005]" warned the little angel.

" No, it's just you. She feels you have something personal with her "added the driver.

" Well, I still apologize to her for being a beginner in this of being a panelist, so I refer to the sources . When I repeatedly read that it is his new job, that he is an operator, that he is paying for it, so I really apologize to Lulu, who is as if I am new and read so many times it is that I repeat and I am a lorito [19659004] " Cinthia said with a lot of irony.

" Did you already have a lawyer? ", punctured her Angel .

" No, I still say that if you want to get me something I'm dry. I am so dry that I am cranky Because I have no chongo, no husband or anyone before that sends me a monthly fee (flashes to the camera) . I keep my house alone, so I'm very dry "he warned.

" Why don't you tell Martin to intervene and act as a bridge? ", [19659004] proposed Karina Iavícoli .

" You can invite me to the next dinner, so we talk between the three "he replied, causing everyone's laughter. [19659002] " What did Martin say about the trial?", the driver of LAM wanted to know.

" I don't know, I really learned yesterday night, and I don't know if he found out "he replied.

" Strong this, as soon as he turns around, he goes and starts talking to Luciana. I filmed them "warned Yanina Latorre .

" I said I trusted, but what need did they both have? There are two months left of the dance. Finally wait for the dance to end and go and eat complained Cinthia . And he added: " It was the possibility, after all, of the mess that happened in the last sentence as a regular meal. Beyond that, I can question Martin as a couple and I can criticize him, it's as if I can't charge all my anger. But as a woman I would give in to say "Dale, get rid of". I criticize a woman's attitude "concluded.cc

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