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Chevrolet Introduces New Tracker: Prices & Features | RPM

Everything is clear. General Motors introduced New Chevrolet Tracker, which comes to the country from Brazil to compete in the SUV segment and will already be available at dealers.

“This is the most anticipated launch of the year,” he said. Ernesto Ortiz, vice president of the South American Company. “The SUV segment is the fastest growing in the region and represents 1 in 5 vehicles in the Argentine market,” added the CEO. During March and April, it also became the best-selling car on the Brazilian market.

Developed on the GEM platform, the new generation of vehicle offers one 1

32 hp 1.2 turbo engine that delivers 190NM of torque from 2,000 rpm, six airbags, panoramic sunroof, integrated connection with wifi on board, cordless phone charger, automatic braking and parking assistant.

“The new Tracker innovates because it is an SUV that gives everything the consumer really values, without compromise. In addition, it offers technologies that make everyday life much more practical and safe, such as Wi-Fi and a collision warning with an automatic emergency braking system, “he explains. Carlos Zarlenga, Chairman of General Motors South America, who assured that the truck is at the forefront of telematics and connectivity.

On the other hand, the company identified safety and performance as pillars of the project. “The car was manufactured for safety because the Argentine consumer is the one who values ​​this point in South America,” Zarlenga explained during the online presentation.

Rodrigo Fioco, Product Director for General Motors South America, assured: “The engine of the new Chevrolet SUV is part of the new family of 100% Turbo engines that provide the latest in technology and energy efficiency. With the new 1.2T engine, Tracker reaches up to 16.1 km / L, is up to 6 km more than any other competitor and achieves the best consumption in the segment.

he input price at $ 1,361,900 for the manual version, while the automatic has a price of $ 1,503,900. For top versions such as LTZ and Premier, the value will be $ 1,643,900 and 1,819,900 pesos, respectively.

At the same time, the company offers a guarantee of three years or 100,000 kilometers.

This is the technical sheet:

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