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The drug cartel in training that recruits and educates women as murderers

In 2017, it was cataloged by specialists in the subject as the criminal group that could become the model of the future drug cartels but since 2010 "The Line" As armed the wing of Juarez Cartel in Chihuahua recruiting and training dozens of "young and beautiful" women who sicarias, Rogelio Amaya, one of the organization's armed forces after his capture, …

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The Netherlands will try to kill four people for downing by Malaysian Airlines aircraft in Ukraine – 19/06/2019

Brussels special A Dutch court will judge in March at three Russians and a Ukrainian officially accused of being responsible for shooting down in Ukraine five years ago MH17 civil aviation Malaysia Airlines . 298 people died, 196 were of Dutch nationality. The suspects are the Russians Igor Girkin, Sergey Dubinskiy and Oleg Pulatov and the Ukrainian Leonid Karchenko . …

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La contundente definición de Jair Bolsonaro sobre de la pareja que mató a su hijo tras amputarle el pene porque quarían una niña – 18/06/2019

El presidential de Brasil Jair Bolsonaro utilizó, el martes, su cuenta en Twitter para referirse al terrible caso de Rhuan Maycon, un pequeño de sólo 9 años, fue asesinado por la madre y su novia . The length of the queue and the volume of the "non-permissible price perpetuation". "Exactly the number of consecutive charges per day, according to the …

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Maestra acabó presa por emborrachar a alumno para abusarlo | Crónica

On the 25th of October, the comma maestra suplente and the cadudal estadounidense of the Baltimore, they are, in fact, the acasaciones quesan pesan so as to embarrass the intentions of the human rights of the sexes. 19659002] El estudiante, cuya identidad no fue revelada por protección, rompoó el pacto de silencio que tenon entre ambos de no revelar información …

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The macabre images of the massacre who left ten capture decade and were cremated in a paraguayan prison

The bloody nut that left a dozen deaths in San Pedro (324 km from Asuncion), five of which were decapitated, three burnt and two shots have drawn attention to the Paraguayan authorities studying the situation of the prisoners included in both First Capital Command (PCC) and Comando Vermelho (CV) dangerous Brazilian criminal ties with tentacles in Paraguay and Interior Minister …

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