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The Chief Libra Association states that cryptocurrency is not a threat to nations' financial stability

He indicated that the funds supporting the digital currency would be invested in government bonds in the countries issuing these currencies, and that, in his opinion, there is greater risk of Pound if any of these meet a possible collapse financial. *** Bertrand Perez, Director General of Libra Association said that the digital currency marketed by Facebook is not intended …

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Jair Bolsonaro is already a contender to the National Astronomy and Establishment of this Presidency apart from the Presidency

El Presidente de Brasil, Jair Bolsonaro quien tenía prevista reasumir el firnes el cargo, estará otros cuatro días más apartado del poder antes de volver al trabajo después de The Circumcision Abdominal and the Queue Sometido El Pasado Domingo, Informed by Gobierno Juv. A Peso of Evolution, Positive, Equivalent to the Declaration of Independence of the Cargo to the Proximity …

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The Continent video is now available for extrajudicial screening of the sicarios of the Cardinal of Noreste and Tamaulipas

ADVERTENCIA: este articulo contini imagenes sensibles Las pruebas que revelarían un montaje en elfrentamiento del pasado 5 de septiembre en Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas (Video: Facebook) a Mexico acostumbrado and ver y learn the secrets of the criminals organization, the notice of 8 members of Cártel del Noreste abatidos and Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas until September 5, desapercibida. This is a unique …

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Very serious: "The fact of the prince" will sue BCRA, causing private crimes

The fact of the prince : In administrative law: In the Act on Administrative Contracts, terms that specify every action taken by a public authority means to increase the costs of implementing contract benefits. Some of these measures entitle this title to compensation when they come from the administration that has hired. User Registration Form Why Register? To receive news …

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Alberto Fernández reveals his communication with the EE.UU embassy: "Ellos están mirando más alá del 10 de dicembre" – 12/09/2019

Alberto Fernández reveals and does not mention the best of the Estados Unidos, Edward Prado, communicating with his authority on the possibility of 600 million dollars for inversions and Vaca Muerta y parques eólicos. "Estados Unidos have been asked to import their goods by Gobierno acaba the author of the 600 million dollars yo lo valoro much to act. E …

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