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Apple had arrested 12 employees for leaking information

"Those who filter information lose not only their jobs on Apple" . This is the beginning of the listing that ironically leaked to the press. In a direct threat to their employees, the Cupertino company claimed that 29 people were arrested who leaked information last year and that 12 were arrested. Among the filter feeds are employees, contractors and supply …

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The new color that comes is filtered in its entirety

It's not red. In the beginning, when we knew the first leaks in the iPhone X, it always was, but there were always three color variants. At the presentation we were surprised that it will only appear in Silver and Space Gray. And where was the third? Apparently the problems with the manufacturing of the equipment were such that they …

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Finished to scrape luxury car

AUSTRALIA. It was like a hobby for Jane Flanagan (53) to scrape the luxury cars she saw on her way out of the house. Everything was captured thanks to the security camera that the owner of the car had installed after discovering the first damage to the vehicle. The Australian woman accused guilty of five separate bills of intentional damage …

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Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door: Aesthetic, versatile and outstanding

CDMX .- Without losing the sport's aesthetics on the coup√© cars, the new German company combines the big design with the versatility of a four-door. The World Dew on the Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Cup occurred during the Auto Show, held at Geneva, where Mercedes-Benz took the opportunity to show the latest in its production. It is characterized by its long …

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Chau to the password: they create a biometric system to replace them

Organizations FIDO and W3C announced the launch of an access standard, which will be implemented by Microsoft, Google and Mozilla The FIDO Alliance and W3C organizations, two of the devices that govern the standards used on the Web announced the launch of WebAuthn, A new way of identifying users based on biometric systems such as fingerprints and facial recognition. WebAuthn …

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Online – Facebook, what we share and leak out

In recent weeks, Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg have talked and not only because of the big deal that this social network means, nor because it is the most important in the world or the most user. The reason is another: leakage of messages from their users. Until last week, the number of people affected by Cambrige Analytica was 87 million. …

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