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This is not a real mistake in DualShock bot

Aunque los mandos para consoles PlayStation he evolução con el paso de los años y la llegada de nuevas consolas, hay algunos elementos que he permanecido igual. Uno de ellos son emblemáticos botones frontales he mantenido su posición y emblemático diseño. Aunque sea difícil de creater, estos botones iniciaron un curioso debate and Internet, puesto que Sony asegura que hemos …

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Intel finally admits to losing part of the market to AMD

If you circle this world, you know that Ryzen 3000 has meant a blow to the blue team. AMD received a strong recovery from recent years and Intel has accepted its merits a bit afterwards and reluctantly. But today we will see the interesting statements from one of the most important representatives of the blue giant. Intel acknowledges its loss …

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Free Android apps limited time on the Play Store

If you think you are not pushing your smartphone or tablet to the maximum with Android, you may be able to change this with new options that increase usability. One of the best ways to achieve this is to get quality Android applications like the ones we show in this article. The deals we are talking about are on the …

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World of Warcraft Classic fue blanco de un ataque DDoS

In two menus of 2 semantics of lanzamiento, World of Warcraft Classic they are enclosed and at a moment in popularity, which allows for the regression of the French regression (an invitation and news) origen de la franquicia. No obstacle to the famego family, how to report it to the DDoS, but to the experience of much usuarios. Lugo de …

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Smash Bros: They find that Banjo-Kazooie is referring to JoJo

Anime By Gustavo Rebollar Angel | September 7, 2019, 1517 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has received continuous content since its release. This through free updates but also paid DLC. In the latter case, this week Terry Bogard and Banjo and Kazooie were added to this title, which filled many fans with joy As part of this shared images about the …

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Pokémon Masters revenue exceeded $ 25 million in one week

Pokémon Masters is a success. Not only did it reach a pretty impressive number of downloads within a few days, but now the mobile title has become the second most successful installment on the iOS and Android series earning approximately $ 26 million in revenue in a week. According to Sensor Tower, however, Pokémon Masters stands behind behind Pokémon GO …

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