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Smart TVs also track your movements

As most of you already know, there have on many occasions been talk of certain products that have very likely carried out some unwanted follow-ups of their users. Specifically, we refer to technical products such as smartphones or virtual assistants . As has been said for a long time, these sometimes carry out a follow-up of our business for the …

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Google Maps: Encounters a Wavy Man, Zooms in the Fall and Finds Out How It Ended | Photos | Viral | Google Street View | Google Earth | United States | USA | Social networks

You can't believe it. Through the famous Google Maps application, a user discovered a horror scene with a tourist wandering through a dangerous place located in China . Thousands of users of the social networks were scared to see the man risking his life to find him standing on the edge of a cliff, when they did "zoom" they discovered …

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Sonic scary mask, for sale for Halloween

You may prefer to keep these bills in your wallet. Following the release of the trailer for the next movie about the Blue Hedgehog, negative reviews flew. The design of the fast-paced protagonist did not like the public, and it was even argued that his clean teeth caused nightmares. That said, it would be interesting to know the opinions of …

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WhatsApp launched a feature that saves time while listening to audio

I approve KUARZO ARGENTINA S.A. and / or NET TV S.A. below "LAS PRODUCTORAS" and its respective parent companies, subsidiaries, subsidiaries, concessionaires, successors and licensees to use my presence of all television programs (the "Program") and in connection with Kuarzo Argentina S.A. and or NET TV S.A. or others I fully agree with that: 1. I expressly, irrevocably and unconditionally …

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The new Microsoft keyboards have two new keys

Photo : Microsoft E this month two new Microsoft keyboards corresponding to the Ergono mic and Bluetooth families are sold. There is not much to say about them, but they have an interesting news: they both have two new dedicated keys, one for Office and the other for emojis. It's not the first time that Micro so ft is playing …

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The new Niantic Wayfarer program permits a Pokémon GO juggler to attract points of interest – Nintenderos.com

Pokémon GO llegó al mercado como unapplicación para dispositivos móviles que permitiría a los jugadores explores el exterior y disfrutar de entornos diferentes cada vez que jugaran. Its embargo, but its different is explored by a simple comparía desarrolladora de videojuegos, which is the point of interest for the principle of elegance and dedication to the time of preparation of …

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