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Astronomers estimate that "Planet 9" in the solar system is a black hole

The presence of a primordial black hole may explain the anomalous orbits observed in the Transneptunian Objects, attributed to an alleged ninth planet orbiting our sun. This is the explanation presented by archive astronomers Jakub Sholtz, of the Institute of Particle Physics at the University of Durham, and James Unwin, assistant professor at the University of Chicado Illinois. His research …

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Microsoft presents a smartphone plegable: Surface Duo

Surface Duo is not the number of cases where Microsoft has the highest degree of interest in telephonically intelligent functions with system operation ] y cuyo principal atractivo es su característica plegable . It is noticeable, however, that it was funded by Bill Gates but it is regrettable in terms of smartphones. It is important to see that it is …

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The message will be deleted in 5 …: WhatsApp is coming

How to delete a message in WhatsApp Enter group information. Go to group settings. There will be the "disappear message" option. – You can choose between 5 seconds or 1 hour for the message to be deleted. When enabled, the messages will "destroy" within the selected period. Although the option will be in the group option. , it is estimated …

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Huawei new smartphones can no longer use Google's applications and services

This is because the same Google would have blocked the procedure, which involved downloading the LZPlay application and using a "back door" to manually install the desired programs . The restrictive measure introduced by President Donald Trump in May (with various prospects and advancements in the following months), and implemented by the California tech giant, affects Mate 30 and Mate …

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WhatsApp has messages that disappear automatically

WhatsApp was able to adopt a Snapchat function and adapt it to the nature of the application. The instant messaging platform tests messages that are automatically deleted after a while . The feature was previously activated on Instagram and is not the only Snapchat attraction that has been taken to put them on other platforms . Filters and temporary photographs …

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This is news about the new Xbox One interface

As you know, the new interface for Xbox One is now available to the users included in the Xbox Insider program, as they are the first to receive the new news. As with the features of the latest update, the first to access this new Xbox One interface has been Insiders Alpha, arriving in a beautiful way for Beta, Delta …

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