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Prevent WhatsApp groups from saturating your smartphone

On several occasions I mentioned that WhatsApp is one of the most downloaded apps and that we spend more time on our smartphone. This has several consequences, but what interests us in this article is that WhatsApp inevitably ends up in phone memory based on photographs, videos and files shared. And if we go to the core in question, whether …

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WhatsApp night mode: how to activate it

WhatsApp night mode is one of the most expected features of its users. The company had already announced its development a year ago and recently a beta version of the update could be felt. Although some users could already play this mode on their devices through some tricks with computer software, others have already accessed it through Beta from Google …

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Estos los los datos privados que recopila "en secreto" nuestro teléfono – Sociedad

Information about this issue of cyber segregation All4sec, exists in a series of dates available to the general public, including, as much information as possible, on the basis of information about the caboose and functions. This information is based on the structure and vendor of many of its newest and most recent authorizations. , register the activites of the state …

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the island disappears and no one can play

Fortnite black hole After running in the shape of a vortex and absorbing all the players in the game, Fortnite Island has disappeared completely until it remains in what appears to be a black hole The situation is devastating, as no player can start a game right now, because the home screen shows the image of the black hole and …

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Extra interest on interest in animal care | Crónica

Por Carlos Efegé [email protected] Siempre's habla de figuras estelares que nos visitan muy de vez en cuando, provenientes del espacio interestelar. Pero nada es afirmativo ni definitivo. Sabemos can exist in millions of systems which can be functional or menus that como sabemos lo haest nuestro system solar. The theme's reflective invariablement is cuando algo's acerca and nuestro planet. ¿Acaso …

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These are the private information that our phone secretly collects

October 12, 2019 – 5:35 pm The specialists at a Spanish cybersecurity company revealed it. There are more and more intelligent entities that have a priority to facilitate the lives of users, and to do so, they must know as much as possible about their activity in order to offer the best possible service, even if it means collecting enter …

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