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this is the most absurd game of the year

Video games can be a fantastic escape to the stress of everyday life, but this will not happen if you always struggle to get the highest score or if you start shouting at the screen every time they kill you with a shot from behind. A new game called Airplane Mode may be the most relaxed gaming experience you can …

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Interview with Juan Martín Maldacena: "I would like to get the Nobel for any future discovery"

Of all the possible acknowledgments that flow in the circulation of theoretical physics, Argentine Juan Martín Maldacena practically harmed all . One of the few still missing in his exhibition is the Nobel. Considered to be one of the most innovative exponents of string theory (or theory M), no one is surprised when his name goes among the candidates. When …

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WhatsApp fails to destroy cell phone battery | chronicle

Several portals dedicated to technology announced a seriously unknown WhatsApp error leading to a few minutes of battery discharge from multiple mobile phones, even though the application is not actively used in IOS. "Some users, including me, are experiencing battery charging with [la versión] 2.19,112 from WhatsApp for iOS. In particular [la función]" Battery usage "reports high consumption with the …

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Beware WhatsApp! The reason why your user can be turned off forever

In the last few hours, WhatsApp began to suspend thousands of accounts for its users. It all began in October, when the user Mowe11 reported from the platform Reddit that one of his contacts had changed the university group's name to "child pornography" as a joke and consequently the courier service blocked all members' accounts without prior notice. Read also …

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Limited time offers to get free Android apps

You can't miss our weekly list of offers to get free Android applications in the Google Store. The available options are all of good quality, and all campaigns available can be used for for a limited time so it is advisable that you hurry to get what you may be interested in. All development is available in the Play Store, …

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