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Scaloni initiated the renovation: the 14 players were deleted from the national team after the World Cup in Russia

Following the frustration of elimination in the 16th World Cup against France came the criticism of the Argentine selection and the generalized order of compensation. Jorge Sampaoli was fired from his position (he did not finish a year in the substitute bank despite joining Qatar 2022) and replaced by Lionel Scaloni who were part of their coaching staff during the …

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La gloria y los millones: The premier qui recibirá The River is located at the Recopa Sudamericana at the Paranaense National Park.

El estadio Arena daBaixada de la ciudad de Curitiba, River departing from the primaries final de la Recopa Sudamericana ante Atlético Paranaense . Part of the time 21:30, the campuses of the Copa Libertadores and the Sudanese countries are supercamped on continents, and a series of definitions of the juices of the monumental monument. el equipo de Marcelo Gallardo que …

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Maradona llegó al país y bendijo la candidatura de Alberto Fernández

" Ya en Buenos Aires, camino a casa, with amigo Matías Morla.You contento la la noticia que Alberto Fernández será nuestro nuevo presidents, la mano de la GRAN Cristina. Saludos a todos! ", escribió Maradona en suses sociales, a compaña de una photo con letrado. El astro estará en Buenos Aires durante 10 días, ya que se operará de una …

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Diego Maradona arrived | Diario Show

After the scandal with Verónica Ojeda Diego Maradona arrived at Ezeiza airport. There he waited for him Matías Morla who happened to look for him in a special car. Maradona shared the first photo in Argentina on her Instagram account. " Already in Buenos Aires I am on my way home with my friend Matias Morla, very pleased with the …

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Superleague supported Tigre against the ban on Conmebol while AFA made a surprising warning

This morning, surprised the South American Football Association with a statement setting out the basic requirements that the clubs on the continent will have to participate in the Copa Libertadores and ] Copa Sudamericana 2020. Within the claims confirmed that any team that will compete in any of the international tournaments by 2020 must play in the first category in …

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List of Argentina, live: the 23 called Scaloni to Copa América

Scaloni: "When it comes to Mercado, we always had that in mind, but we think Foyth can bring us very good things." Scaloni: "Casco was quoted with Venezuela and he suffered the problem that left him, he gives us variants, he can play to the right or to the left and we have always had him in consideration. Menotti: "The …

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