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Is Flamengo invincible? | river plate

By Santiago Marani 11-11-2019 10:08 hs Yesterday morning, River Rosario Central took on Monumental at date 13 of the Super League. Surprisingly, Marcelo Gallardo's team fell 1-0 and released a good chance to become the leader of the tournament, where he remained with 24 points. After the match, the rival for the Biggest in Copa Libertadore's only final He had …

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The service station that revolutionized Maradona on Route 2

A huge movement was generated at a gas station on Highway 2 when the bus that moved our city to the gymnasium campus made a technical stop and the people who were there discovered Diego Maradona. DT mens sana revolutionized the premises in Las Armas, 111 kilometers from Mar del Plata. Gymnastics had just defeated Aldosivi 3 to 0 and …

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The curious reason why aircraft cannot fly over Lionel Messi's house

Radio Miter Showing November 10, 2019 10:57 PM The information had been released by Javier Sánchez Prieto, chairman of the low-cost "Vueling", during a conference last year and now the cause was known. The strange reason why aircraft cannot fly over Lionel Messi's house (Photo: Faces). In 2018, President of Low Cost Vueling Javier Sánchez Prieto revealed during a press …

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Page, errors, flips and goals to River – 11/10/2019

The second half of Monumental began with a stroke from Central to River's chin. Because Rosario took advantage when they were only 30 seconds from the last part after a page for the Gallardo team. Casco took the throw-in in a defensive position for Enzo Pérez, who played for Martínez Quarta. There, the first central defender – pressed by Gamba …

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The hug between Lionel Messi and Antoine Griezmann in the locker room in Barcelona silencing rumors of their relationship

The relationship between the captain and the reference of Barcelona, ​​ Lionel Messi and the French Antoine Griezmann is a recurring theme in Spain. After each game playing the culé box, the local media is responsible for analyzing the behavior of both players for 90 minutes to see if there was a connection or not between them. But since The …

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The three signings that Messi would ask for Barcelona for next season

Barcelona has not started the season he would have liked. It is true that the marching leader in all competitions, but the team's play and the poor dynamics that it has caused the fans are not happy with the team or especially with the coach Ernesto Valverde. According to "Diario Goals," Leo Messi would have asked Barcelona for three signings …

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