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Consequences of living in connection? Warn of new diseases by exposure to electromagnetic fields

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity is, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) "an idiopathic environmental intolerance attributed to magnetic fields" . We can talk about a rare environmental disease that is beginning to manifest itself during this century. These changes result in poor quality of life and may define certain electromagnetic diseases. The radiation is non-ionizing and acts through the accumulation of …

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Kesito Pavón on his health: "I have to operate"

On Monday night, the Carlitos Band exploded in La Morocha and had a very special visit: Ramón Wanchope Ábila said present and danced everything! But in the afternoon of Tuesday, a photo in the stories on Instagram drew the attention of all followers, who were completely worried. Rubén Kesito Pavón took a selfie by going to the doctor: "I know …

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La diagnosticaron, tardaron and operarla y quedó con asimetría facial

El Hospital Privado Regional (HPR), the upper social union staff, with medical and social security services, and a family member with family and perjury already considering their existence atención médica negligente. As it is available in Civil and Commercial, Cristian Tau Anzoátegui. La chica que en esese, tenía 17 años de edad suféro les leses al chocar otro esquiador en …

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2 healthcare professionals are accused of mistreatment in Suárez

The Correctional Court, in an oral trial, analyzes the behavior of an anesthesiologist and her assistant, accused of a serious case of malpractice that occurred in early 2012 to the detriment of a woman in Coronel Suárez. Prosecutor Sebastián Foglia accused Mission Physician Amalia Yolanda Kirchheim (69) and Ana Ana Paula Bec (38) of "failing to fulfill the duty of …

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Tinnitus, or how to get used to living with internal noise

Tinnitus or tinnitus is defined as a phantom hearing experience associated with continuous ringing and ringing in the ears, perceived only by the person suffering from it. In addition to these beeps, symptoms such as ear and headache, dizziness and dizziness may be associated. " There is no single reason explaining the occurrence of tinnitus one of the main factors …

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