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"La Flor", by Mariano Llinás, won BAFICI's top prize

La Flor The much-anticipated and great 14-hour film directed by Mariano Llinás won the highest prize in the international competition in the 20th edition of BAFICI. But the four main characters, the members of actor Piel de Lava ( Pilar Gamboa, Elisa Carricajo, Valeria Correa and Laura Paredes) handed out the best actress for the same film. The film of …

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5 stories where Thanos saved the universe

Progress for "Avengers: Infinity War" Marvel fed the fans curiosity to learn a little more about the story of the big villain in the movie that will be premiere on April 26th. Since its appearance in the scene after " Avengers ", Thanos was presented as The Avengers Big Rival. In addition, they raised the great danger to the universe …

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They detained Joaquín Sabina for a circulation problem

Joaquín Sabina was hospitalized in Madrid in the morning due to acute thrombosis. The 69-year-old singer entered the Ruber Internacional Clinic in the Spanish capital with severe pain in one of the legs. After performing routine studies, they discovered that he had blood clots in one of the blood vessels, so he had to stay in place where he will …

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Bafici: All winners in the latest issue

The 20th edition of the festival left a very positive balance Credit: Gerardo Viercovich The flower the monumental and extraordinary 14th film directed by Mariano Llinás, won the top prize in the international competition of 20 ° Bafici . In addition, its four main characters, Pilar Gamboa Elisa Carricajo, Valeria Correa and Laura Paredes (members of the group Piel de …

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the bullying of Karina La Princesita in the networks

The talented singer talked about bullying that she is suffering everyday on social networks. If they knew about the things I've met since I was a girl, I'm still hell! I do not read completely, but most messages I get. I try to answer a lot and there is much more I do for some, I do not say that, …

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An actress from the Smallville television series, accused of sex trafficking and recruitment of women to the Nxivm sect

Mack is best known for his role as Chloe Sullivan in the Smallville series, which has been in the air for more than a decade. Source: LA NACION Mack, 35, owed him to recruit women for a sex-trade network that constitutes a female self-help group by Keith Raniere, arrested in Mexico in March. Allison Mack, the American actress known for …

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