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Lali Espósito: so "Lalimanía" lived in Israel and Spain

The Argentine singer is now on his way to the United States for the first time. Mariana Espósito better known in the artistic world as "Lali Espósito" is one of the Argentine singers who stamps the international music market. He has worked with his career for several years but now he is living the top: his musical career is global. …

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How did Mirtha Legrand rate the schedule? Find out!

The divan was a bitter surprise. Look! The proof that a television program has succeeded is in the ratings, so each producer seeks the best strategies to attract the attention of all viewers and beat their direct competitions. Mirtha Legrand, and her entire team, know this very well, for something she has been at the forefront of driving for over …

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“La convivencia es hermosa, pero a veces…” ¡Natalie Pérez di may be part of the fin de su romance!

The cantante y actriz habló del fin de su relación. ¡Conocé toda la info! A memorial to Natalie Pérez dio señales and her social media accounts of the romance of the romance of six years with Ramiro Gayoso. And on the cuenta oficial of Instagram, la bellísima actriz escribió: “Estoy atravesando un momento complicado de mi vida”. Its embargo, the …

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Benito Cerati recalled the strong phrase his father, Gustavo, told him and labeled it: "If there is passion there is nothing wrong"

Gustavo Cerati is one of the great inevitable figures in Argentine music history. Building a career as a singer, Benito Cerati (25) was invited to the PH We Can Talk cycle Andy Kusnetzoff on screen to Telefe and reminded of a father and son talk that marked him. "We had a very nice relationship. There were several moments and situations. …

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"Mariana Nannis is angry and hopeless. Life will know how to return what she deserves. She did …"

Fernando Burlando is one of Argentina's most important lawyers and gained even more popularity when he agreed to defend Juan Darthés from the charges against Thelma Fardin; for that matter, the law specialist got very tough questions on social networks, including insults from several first-person people who felt he had the wrong attitude by sitting on the side of the …

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"You are trying to figure out the middle, and it would be good if you prepare …" A goddess had a very bad time!

Everyone wants to be in the dance of a dream, what few people seem to imagine is that participating in the most-watched series on Argentine television means putting up tremendous pressure, in fact many celebrities end up leaving when they realize that They do not meet the physical, mental and psychological challenge of participating in a cycle where the jury …

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