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The curious Netflix site with Luciana Salazar as "the python of politics"

Luciana Salazar surprised to appear as the new protagonist on the site advertising "The Politician" the new series of Netflix . In the video, the host plays "the politics of pythoness" which gives advice to Payton the protagonist, who struggles to be his class president. "Politics of politics. @ Lulipop07 advises The Politician Payton with his campaign. Clean strategy and …

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The strange reactions caused by the movie "Joker" in audiences around the world

The movie "Joker", directed by Todd Phillips and starring Joaquin Phoenix, has led to controversy the first weekend since the premiere around the world, with fans leaving theaters and commenting that it was too disturbing and provocative. The Supervillain movie broke the post office, but not everything was good news, with several negative comments from the audience. Many have said …

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Cacho Castaña's health worries: he is again admitted to intensive care – 10/05/2019

In the afternoon on Friday, singer joined Cacho Castaña in intensive care in Los Arcos Sanatorium in Palermo due to a complication in his health condition Cacho has suffered for several years from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) which has led to several hospitalizations. A bacterium's entry into his lungs complicated his image and is treated with antibiotics. His family …

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Claudio Paul Caniggia: "Tengo dos nietas

In the middle of this conflict, Claudio Caniggia decides to speak romper el silencio and le concedió una entrevista al Diario de Mariana, que se emite por ElTrece. El exjugador de fútbol se refirió a las Acusaciones and denuncias realizó la madre de sus hijos, Mariana Nannis, so violins de génnero y ocultamiento de bienes ante un próximo divorcio. Sofía …

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Awesome! The awful elimination everyone is talking about!

By Agostina Olguin October 5, 2019 1:06 PM The 2019 dance has a few minor ones in competition. During the last hours, there was a moment of tension during the 2019 dance. After the national rock duel was played, the jury saw the pair of Fede Bal-Lourdes Sánchez, Karina "La Princesita" and La Chipi. According to the progress and modifications …

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