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"¡Qué bueno que te dignes a hablar, porque siempre lo llamas a Martín! Ayer le dijiste 'no le pagues el …'"

Coming up to the world, Bailando has a great deal of discussion about his travels and, in this case, his enfrentaron and the pistons of his girlfriends can be found in Argentina's Marcelo Tinelli, with a lot of pictures here more revelación al aire que sirvió como disparador and una discussion of the occupation of the program and its viralizó, …

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The lawyer for Axel's complainant spoke: "The victim gave many details of what happened"

A young woman reported last Wednesday to singer Axel for sexual abuse . The young woman made the formal presentation to Cipoletti in the Public Prosecutor's Office and from the agency already informed about the matter. Telefe Tucumán interviewed attorney José D & # 39; Antona, the young woman's lawyer, and talked about the complaint in Río Negro, where the …

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Cinthia Fernández was told that Luciana Salazar will do her trial and shot: "I do not have a dummy, a man or a previous quota."

For once, Martín Baclini is not in the midst of one of the battles between Cinthia Fernández and Luciana Salazar . This time, the discussion sprang to the political comments that the media has published on the network and that for the dancer are tweets that she takes out to have published from her personal account. Therefore, in Los Angeles …

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Leticia Brédice condemned her boyfriend for violently and apologized – 17/17/2019

A strange situation provoked Leticia Brédice through her Instagram Stories where she surprised her nearly 70,000 followers: she first condemned her partner for violence, Federico Parrilla and hours later apologized. While the actress publishes photos and videos quite often, it is not common to talk about aspects of her private life. And much less to report a personal situation involving …

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