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Bomb! Flor Vigna returned with Nico Occhiato?

Rumor was released in Los Angeles in the morning, the program performed by Ángel de Brito. In the last few days, the entertainment world was surprised by the separation of one of the couple of moments: Flor Vigna and Mati Napp. The two are partners in the Dancing for a Dream program conducted by Marcelo Tinelli, where she works as …

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Consejos y una advertencia: Kate Middleton's conversation with Meghan Markle traces the conversation of the Sussex duquesas all boards of llanto and TV

No more amigas nor muy cerercos, per Cambridge du duquesa al algunos consejos a su cuñada Meghan Markle despises the ex-actriz admiré to establish a sobriviendo of the sulegada in corona Britain. Already, Kate Middleton, the 37-year-old, in Harry's 38-year-old position, is " a real-life member of the moment" with the escort of the prince and the queen " is …

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"I'm sorry!" Cinthia Fernández stared at Griselda Siciliani!

By Agostina Olguin October 31, 2019 12:58 PM The dancer defended the actress for abandoning the dream. The last few hours were not the best for Marcelo Tinelli, less than a week after the twelfth rhythm of the season "Super Dancing 2019", one of the revelations of the most watched event on the screen of the thirteen resigned and caused …

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"I will continue to try to move positions closer …" Echarri replied to the assistant who wished him a stomach ulcer!

The actor tried to put a cold cloth on the situation. During the last few hours, Eduardo Amadeo, alternate for Cambiemos, was on the Luis Majul program and sent very angry to some Peronist actors. “These expressions of Zaffaroni from Brieva do not understand the spirit. And it is also bad that they do so because the country has suffered …

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"I must be alone. I married because he …" Monica Farro very directly two months after being married

Vedet told Instruse the details of her relationship with her husband. Just over two months ago, Monica Farro made the decision to go about her life with her partner, Leandro Herrera. But apparently things would not have worked out as expected, and they are going through a crisis. This Tuesday afternoon, the woodworker visited Jorge Rial's program, Intruders and told …

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