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Jorge Rial gave an unexpected news and shook America TV!

He is arguably one of the most controversial, popular and media journalists in the media in our country. Jorge Rial He knew very well how to become a real emblem for the show industry with a very direct way of doing journalism, which was reflected in the twenty years that Intrusos, the bike that leads through the screen of America …

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Those who accepted, those who did not and those in negotiations: who would participate in “Singing 2020”

“Sing 2020” “If we have not approved the protocol for July Dance or the humor show, let’s join him Singing“he told them Marcelo Tinelli to his producers when he returned from his controversial quarantine in Esquel. The dates rushed and an urgent programming did the part that was missing as El Trece must quickly reinforce his primacy. The perfect storm …

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Fabián Cubero’s huge failure when he talks about Mica Viciconte! Did Nicole Neumann hear it?

This week’s life Nicole Neumann and Fabian Cubero it was chaos. After the former footballer condemned the model for not giving his daughters according to the guidelines set by the visiting regime, the blonde defended herself and revealed that Mica Viciconte I would beat the girls. “My 9 and 5 year old daughters shaved their legs. In addition, my six-year-old …

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