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Traction gets electric transport

In March, the Scandinavian country Norway registered that 60% of its imported vehicles were electric, broke its record in 2018 and set a world precedent. On the other side of the Atlantic, the state of California is followed, which increased the share of electric vehicles in its market to 5.6% and doubled its efforts to reach 5 million of these …

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PLAN M | REPORTS | Key data to be monitored: three days left US $ 1.2 billion by the banks and no fixed terms renewed for 35.3 billion pesos

The latest information from BCRA arrives last Wednesday. The most important variables to monitor in "day to day" to know if the run was stopped or not. Why the reserves fell to $ 3,300 million in one week. After the PASO run, the savers managed not to renew deposits for more than 35.3 billion pesos. While the banks left 0se, …

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Chevrolet Cruze, the era of wifi and bordo

Chevrolet Cruze, the era of wifi and on-board – LA NACION PUBLICIDAD BAJAR AL SITIO PUBLICIDAD BAJAR AL SITIO El Cruze is an emblem of Chevrolet and Argentina of this kind lanzó and 2016. A primer will calm,                     because of the modernization of the modernization of the Santa Fe brand, they do not produce,                     This is a model for inversion …

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The central bank, under pressure: reserve production and a dollar that broke the band's ceiling

The bulky election defeat of the ruling party in the primaries changed the panorama of relative stability that the Central Bank had raised to avoid a escalation of the dollar account for the increase demand for currencies that is common in Argentina when the presidency is played at the elections. For the first time since the company established the monetary …

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The Banco Central Cayeron reservoir is worth $ 4,000 million from PASO

Candidates and Presidents of the Frente de Todos Alberto Fernandez have joined the President as far as the mercado cambiario. “They lo dy in Macri: tratemos de preservar las reservas. It is a good idea and a reasonable choice and no tendencies to escape, but to keep the reserves reserved " The acupresso of the mercado, which is the first …

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