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It drops to 14 cents to $ 60.73, which is pure frenço escalada del blue

And the Mercado Único and Libre de Cambios, the division of tres centavos at $ 58.35 and a rueda a la Banco Central's transformo a principal abastecedor the una demanda que no tuvo respuesta suficiente La temprana incursión oficial abasteció los pedidos de compra formalizados en el sector donde operan bancos y empresas en otra jornada signada la escasa oferta …

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Murió Mark Hurd, uno the CEO of Oracle

Mark Hurd co-CEO de la empresa Oracle more than 62 years ago in the United States. This is a separate account of the executives and executives who are liable for the solicitation of a license for the problem of salute. Hurd is a member of the Companion of Technology and 2010, the waiver of the fees and Hewllett . Allí, …

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With the rise of the blue dollar, another operation emerged that allows you to make money in minutes – Diario Uno

With the rise of the blue dollar, another operation emerged that makes it possible to make money in minutes Diario Uno The "free" flew and the "mash" returns: 11% is already earned directly with the dollar infobae [19659002] The gap between the blue and the official is the highest since 2015 Filo News Dollar, pesos, shares and prices: what plan …

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Templeton Fund lost $ 3 billion due to debt balancing and trying to withdraw from the country

Investment Fund Franklin Templeton one of the largest in the world, declared to have lost US $ 3 billion for his recent investments in emerging countries, mainly in Argentine bonds and confirmed that they will try to withdraw their positions against assets in safer locations. Templeton was one of the great Wall Street players who chose Argentine debt in recent …

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Dollars: instead of brochure and "contado con liqui" over 71 pesos

A total of six decades to be financed by the electoral presidency, is amplió la brecha the precedent for the official, as far as the Central Bank intervenes, as well as the cambio alternatives, como The "blue" of the mercado paralelo and the derivatives of the transactional exchanges. The operators of the cambio cambra and its dynamics are due in …

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Fiat terminates the equipment at the facility of boxes that have been disabled

Between yesterday and today, Fiat Chrysler Automobile (FCA) auctioned the equipment used for gearbox production, in the plant which remained active until March this year. The car manufacturer sells machining centers, robots, lathes, transmission plants and other technologies that he used for manufacturing in Córdoba. Many years ago, the plant arrived at 200,000 gearboxes, at the time intended for the …

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