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For Alberto F., the idea is to keep Sandleris in central nonsense

On the other hand, he criticized President Mauricio Macri because "has permanently violated laws" . "I was tired of taking care of Macri and the lies that were told," he added. He also said that "Macri released the dollar on Monday after the elections" primary and that "I worry that October 28 will be angry and do what he did …

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Bittrex operates in Venezuela and 31 paises

The Platform Formation of the Intercambio of the Cryptomonedas, Bittrex, the Deputy Director and Venezuela of Acuerdo and a Communication to the Subsidiary, Bittrex International, as well as the Correctional Electronics and the Base of the US and El País Caribeño [19659002Cryptomonedasanambienteofmuchdynamismforhigh-functionhigh-powernon-existentBittrexInternationalbuttheexchangeisimportantforcommercialvolumeaswellastheperformanceofservicesandtworesidentoperationsinVenezuelaningúnmotivoaparente The case of the Intercambio with Malta and Travels of a Corrected Electronic Information to a new base …

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Strong rise of the blue dollar will the "mash" come back?

While the Central Bank continues to intervene in the foreign exchange market through the sale of reserves to include an increase in the price of wholesale dollars, the demand for green notes against the informal market, is better known as the blue dollar, where the price of the currency suddenly increased from $ 63.50 on Wednesday to reach $ 66.25 …

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For investors: what happened and what comes on a very volatile square

On the other hand from the United States and with obvious agreement on the commercial issue with China, analyzes the focus of the event now with Turkey . Here, tensions escalated in the last wheels, with the understanding that this may have an impact on commodities – especially oil – Turkey is a strategic place for the United States. Locally, …

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During the week, S&P Merval won 0.5%, but bonds fell to 7%

The cases on Friday were led by the documents of Transenes (-4.8%); Transportadora de Gas del Norte (-3.8%); and Edenor (-2.5%). "It was a complicated week for local assets. The proximity to the choice and the lack of concrete news that allows us to project a December scenario began, even in a predictable way, to press the market's behavior" commented …

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