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New CEO of Telecom Argentina

The current CEO retained responsibility for implementing the merger consolidation process Telecom Argentina-Cablevisión articulating structures, networks, services and cultures, of which today it is the leading telecommunications sector and one of the most important in Argentina . Similarly, the implementation of the current investment plan was designed and initiated under its management which focused on the development of mobile and …

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Nowadays, the BMW explicitly explains how to go to Mercedes and Mercedes

The new president of the board of directors of the manufacturer of automobiles BMW Oliver Zispe queer tomarse más tiempo for a rival Mercedes-Benz del grupo Daimler, segun publicó high el dominical " Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung ". The so-so theme The so-so theme "Estamos en la mayor ofensiva modelos quo BMW have realized jamás. Nuestros autos ganan muchas pruebas comparativas …

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The mercado there is high praise for the debate and the incremental debate on the prevalence of elecciones

In favor of Macri estuvieron, and may be in an unorthodox position, the declarations of José Luis Espert and Juan José Gómez Centurión are pending as well as in the case of Jefe de Gabinete, although revised to this case Roberto Lavagna, after the corrupcion and suedredor. Para ellos el frente de Todos is an adversario and derrotar. Now, it …

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Dollars to $ 70: Deposits in pesos heat pre-27-O

In addition to currency control, the central bank insists on the daily sale of dollars to deliver the city of Buenos Aires and convert the exchange rate back into a pressure cooker. Without a doubt, there is no alternative if you want to reach the general elections of October 27 with relative financial calm. User Registration Form Why Register? To …

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Brazil opens a formal investigation into the country's unbroken cryptocurrency fraud

Brazilian Congressman Aureo Ribeiro, author of a bill aimed at regulating the Brazilian crypto market, requested the opening of a Parliamentary Investigation Commission (PCI) to investigate cryptocurrency-related fraud in Brazil. Cointelegraph gained access to a document requesting, among other things, a thorough investigation of companies such as Atlas Quantum (and CEO Rodrigo Marques), Zero10 and Trader Group. "The growing interest …

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