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Confidence is scarce and uncertainty abounds

The market is honest, the price of bonds falls ahead of the possibility of aggressive debt restructuring, the dollar positions itself at a much higher price after October 27, and the gap between financial and commercial dollars is increasing day by day. The market is discounting the triumph of the opposition, and therefore there is no guide at first glance …

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Dollar futures and bonuses are anticipated for a double room

And El Rofex reads quotes from the futuros subieron 1.7% by October, per month and two from the plazos and part of the November price of saltaron 5% and promotions. By contrast, the operation of the Pactaron's operations is valued at $ 67.65 by the United States. The difference between the transfer and the Mayorista, with the aid of Banco …

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From 2020, Telecom will change its management structure

Carlos Moltini ends his management as President of Telecom Argentina S.A. on December 31 this year. to assume new responsibilities in the company, focusing on its strategic plans. As established in 2018 in the two-year post-merger plan Telecom Argentina-Cablevisión, Moltini was responsible for leading the consolidation process for the merged, articulated structures, networks, services and cultures, which is today the …

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Despite central sales, the dollar rises before the election

The price of the dollar rose again 27 cents yesterday, reaching 60.99 pesos in the banking average. The increase in sales of the Central Bank's 160 million was not enough to contain the price, nor did it over the past ten days. While the reserves are disappearing: they fell $ 563 million compared to Friday to 46,885 million. Volume in …

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Alberto Fernández is already thinking about the transition: he wants the government to control the dollar but also the reserves

Alberto Fernández started the week by declaring that he was almost an elected president. The day after the debate, he went out to show that he was feeling the winner, and from that place he talked to President Mauricio Macri. "I would ask you not to abuse the Argentinians if the result is unfavorable and to release the dollar, as …

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