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Need new RAM or SSD? Better decide fast, prices can rise soon

In recent months, we have had fairly low prices for memories RAM and SSD . But this joy for many may end soon, as some SSD manufacturers are discussing price increases. According to a Digitimes report, manufacturers of SSD and RAM plan to raise prices by 10-15% for the price increase in NAND flash chips. But now you do not …

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S & P Merval dropped 1.7% and land risk approached 800 points

Then, with a boom effect at the beginning of the wheel, the index fell S & P Merval of the Argentine Stock Exchanges (BYMA) to 40,752.75 units and made its second decline in a row, another day of withdrawal for the dollar under the direction of BCRA in futures. The session was characterized by high volatility: the leading index began …

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There will be an online auction of vehicles from the company YPF – ADNSur

COMODORO RIVADAVIA (ADNSUR) – On Friday, July 26, YPF will auction 17 vehicles for fleet renewal in Buenos Aires and Tierra del Fuego. Among the models to be auctioned you can find Hilux and Ranger pickups; in addition to Ecosport and Golf models, among others. The auction will be performed by the company Narvaezbid from its website – www.narvaezbid.com.ar – …

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Moody's lowered the Arcor debt rating that lost its "Triple A" status

This time it was not the analyst's views or market versions. International Credit Moody's Moody's downgraded Arcor because it believes Luis Pagani's company is too guilty of dollars relative to its income, which the LPO predicted. The credit rating agency exacerbated the prospect of Argentine debt and this dragged on to provinces and corporations. But Arcor got the worst part. …

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