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They almost killed him to refuse to pay "customs" | Diary of Cuyo

A man was seriously injured when he was stabbed because he refused to pay the "customs" imposed by a gang to travel through the La Carolina neighborhood of Buenos Aires City Florencio Varela. The police arrested a suspect, who is accused of being the perpetrator of the assault. For several months, the La Carolina neighborhood has been afraid of a …

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How the Tucuman band that brought Cocaine from Oran worked

A group of tucumanos are accused to form "bagayeros" and actually integrated a narco band that transported up to 100 kilograms of cocaine per month. The organization would have eliminated intermediaries to increase profits in business. In the operation, carried out by Tucumán Anti-Drug Division personnel by federal police, about 20 kilograms of drugs were seized. But how was the …

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A judge freed the catch against "Pufi", a dog "volatile from justice"

POLICE OFFICERS The dog is accused of aggressive actions against humans and therefore asked the court to be immediately caught and removed from Wanda streets, a missionary town ravaged by "Pufi". "The escape did not arrive," said Felipe Jeleñ, mayor of that city, on Saturday morning. The dog would be hidden in a home. 04/14/2018 5:42 PM p.m. This is …

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Tauber was again elected President of UNLP

Tauber was the only candidate to succeed Raúl Perdomo and became official today as UNLP's new president of the university's highest body. He received 260 votes from the 270 members representing all faculty conventions (teachers, students, students and non-teachers) and teachers in elementary schools. Fernando Tauber (1956) is an architect who graduated from the La Plata National University in 1979 …

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There was a massive attack on leaders in Jujuy and they are preparing an answer in the street :: Info White on Black

More than 40 arresting rights This morning, the police performed in that province's raids and detention in private homes for union and social leaders. Among those who have a arrest warrant are the Secretary General of ATE Jujuy, Matías Brizuela and his Deputy Secretary Carlos Mercado. Also on this list are leaders of trade unions and social organizations in the …

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After 36 hours in prison, former governor Eduardo Fellner was released

The former Governor of Jujuy, Eduardo Fellner, was released after dinner ordered by Judge Isidoro Cruz, who had determined his detention last week in connection with the case of alleged conversion of funds for the construction of residential buildings . " It was difficult ", the former governor briefly said the contact with the media, but he preferred not to …

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