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Fabián Gutiérrez’s crime: the family lawyers’ suggestive connections with the accused and the shadow of Telleldín – infobae

Fabián Gutiérrez’s crime: the family lawyers’ suggestive links to the accused and the shadow of Telleldín infobae Fabián Gutiérrez’s crime: the judge still does not have the autopsy results and the four prisoners began to reinforce the alibi Clarín Fabián Gutiérrez fall | The prisoners’ lawyer: “The fact is discovered by the police” Perfil.com All President TN men – All …

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The government, between what’s coming and the hope of having left “the worst” in the quarantine

“We knew these were going to be the hardest three weeks, with Alberto (Fernández) locked in, the debt talks, the exhausted people and no good news in general.”, describes an official with access to the president’s integrity. In the government, however, they do not hide their satisfaction that they have so far gone through what they consider to be the …

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Coronavirus in Argentina: economic downturn speeds government to define quarantine relaxation

Alberto Fernandez he began to relax his public discourse, and privately, when he talks about social isolation, is officially categorized as “string”. The limit for this policy is July 17. In statements to the media, Fernández now admits that the most severe containment he imposed on the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA) on July 1 “Very good results, because what …

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Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Axel Kicillof meet this Monday to describe the future of the quarantine and define the reopening

Horacio Rodríguez Larchallenge and Axel Kicillof They will meet on Monday morning at the Buenos Aires executive headquarters to describe the future of the quarantine following the return to the severe phase ending July 17. The meeting will be lonely, according to the recording from the Buenos Aires government. Last time, before the sharpening of the quarantine in the AMBA …

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The film by Milagro Sala, made by a former 678 and who broke court, is released

Document tape “Miracle. The film “, av Martin Adorno and former 678 journalist Cynthia García, about the multi-condemned social leader arrested with house arrest in Jujuy province, will premiere this Sunday at 10pm on the Cine.ar signal and can be seen indefinitely on Cine.ar Play, depending on INCAA. The film, which was originally to be released in October last year, …

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Outbreak at Sucre Clinic: patient transfer continues

The Emergency Operations Center (COE) continues this Saturday with the operation to transfer patients admitted to the Sucre Clinic in the city of Córdoba, where 11 positive cases of coronavirus related to medical personnel have already been discovered. The surgery began on Friday afternoon with the transfer of seven patients. On Saturday, from 10 o’clock, the health authorities began the …

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