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Pastor Luis Farinello died at 81 years – Télam

Catholic priest Luis Farinello, who reached media coverage, founded a party and was a candidate for senator 2001, but today at 81 years of heart failure at the Quilmes Hospital, informed the bishopric and the municipality of Telam of that party in the southern zone of conurbano . The remains of the religious will be veiled this Sunday, from 14 …

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Dalmiro Garay's political career

Dalmiro Garay receives Andes with a friend in his office. He is quiet, but not yet as someone who lives his last days in that job, but with the same day list loaded daily, it's like a head of a ministry covering many subjects, some of the most important with regard to the operation magazine of Executive Branch Confirms that …

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The Buenosaire government said it will cost $ 4 million to repair the Plaza de Mayo

Coming to civil law to claim "compensation for expenses" caused by injuries caused during mobilization Co-workers of the city's government recycling of the square / twitter The environment and public of the city of Buenos Aires, Eduardo Macchiavelli, said yesterday that the Buenos Aires government will appeal "civil justice" to request "compensation for expenses" required by the arrangement of the …

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When peronism smells of blood, sharks shine

Macri has lost his virgin a while ago with Peronism, although he definitely realized that the whale watch began to march. What has happened other times when the Peronists smell blood, they usually come together. And that's what's going on. Much of it was seen Senate Senate. Jorge Barroetaveña The speed of speed had the most announced epilogue in history. …

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Supreme Court confirmed 50 years of conviction for CABA rapist | chronicle

Albarracin. Alberto Álvarez Albarracín (38) had already been sentenced in 2009 for sexual assault, robbed with arms women in various porteño neighborhoods. The ruling, signed on 3 May and released on Friday, confirms that Fabricio Alberto Álvarez Albarracín must remain behind the bars until March 18, 2056 because of this and Other causes have already been deprived of their freedom …

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