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They found a dead marriage at home in Ciudad Evita: they arrested a former employee of the couple

Ronald Adams Callisaya Campero (36) and Natty Irene Quispe Huayhua (33) a marriage born in Bolivia, found dead and with some degree of rat in her home in Buenos Aires from Ciudad Evita. Both were wrapped in cloth and according to the first observations of the investigators the bodies presented wounds of a white weapon. Information that according to police …

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Alberto Fernández beat Mauricio Macri by almost 16 points

More than a week after the general election, it is finally the final examination of the province of Buenos Aires the district with the most voters in the country. There Alberto Fernández ratified his overwhelming victory in a district that was the key to winning victory in the first round. Without major variations the difference between the elected president and …

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This Wednesday, there will be a bank holiday across the country

At the bank's employee day, on Wednesday, the units will not open their doors and it will reduce operations across the country . It is within the framework of the anniversary of the birth of the banking union, which brings together workers in the sector. Although no attention will be paid to the public the possibility of retrieving cash in …

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Angustia, Tension and Bronze, as a Conductor of Conductor, Borracho and Deyo and Vegetable and Unusual – 05/11/2019

La madrugada del 5 de april 2015 Santiago Edgardo Silvoso omitió un semáforo en rojo, condujo borracho (casi con el triple de alcohol en sangre que lo permitido) y manera temeraria. And this is the circus -que quedaron acredadas for the fiscal to the noble el juicio-, choco de frente al auto and el que Macarena Mendizábal iba como companion. …

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36 properties, decks of cars and embassies: the fortune of the secret secretary of Cristina Kirchner process of lavender of dinero

There are 36 men's concentrates and El Calafate, Río Gallegos and Ushuaia, along with 35 cars (La Mayoría de Lujo) and all men's embarkations. List the bees by ex secretariat of Cristina Kirchner Fabián Gutiérrez impresiona. Including this hotel in Tierra del Fuego, dos Porsche, and almost all mansions and a country premium of Pilar. Gutiérrez se hizo millonario de …

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Video showing how a police officer killed a young man from behind

An easily triggering case shocked Santa Fe, not only because of the seriousness of the incident but also because of the images that were known in recent hours and showing how a police officer shot a young man in the back. Everything happened in the district of Guadalupe Oeste, October 29, when a police officer saw that a 17-year-old boy …

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